The Simple Truth

I'm a very proud HIV positive writer/blogger/advocate/activist and humanitarian. I was born in Thunder Bay, Canada but grew up in Sydney Australia. However I truly feel very much like a global citizen having lived all over Europe, America and Asia.

Looking back I’ve always been a guy with a very positive outlook, in spite of experiencing my share of ups and downs throughout life. In 2001, I was diagnosed with HIV which changed the course of my life.

I’m a deeply devoted vehicle for change. Being such a passionate communicator comes easy to me now. My objectives are lofty but achievable nonetheless. Assisting faithfully the HIV/AIDS advocacy community to help eliminate HIV/AIDS related STIGMA is a primary goal that is closest to my heart. However, my type of advocacy spreads over a wide range of issues. Nothing is off limits or out of bounds. I write free with no commercial ties or restraints which gets me into some trouble at times and I always prevail.

The truth always prevails.

I started my incredible blogging journey under the most dire of circumstances, when my Filipino ex lover Delfin DJ Montano fraudulently obtained my life savings (US70,000) leaving me with nothing and he eventually fled the Philippines for San Fransisco in disgrace. DJ tried to destroy my life even after having me kidnapped (with help from Celine Lopez) from my hotel room in Manila and enforced my interrogation in jail for a highly illegal amount of time. My story is somewhat epic and it's etched in everything immoral and corrupt that surrounded my ex boyfriend DJ Montano and that aspect of the Philippines HIGH Society which allowed him to commit crime after crime and walk away.......


DJ Montano stole everything from me except my ability to write and warn others through my blogging campaign for the truth. If DJ can steal from an HIV positive man... who knows what he is capable of doing.

I'll never stop trying to recover my life savings because it's everything I worked so hard for on my farm in Australia.

My health is a priority now and always will be. DJ took away my security and walked away from the devastation he caused leaving me with nothing except worry and fear. It's just not fare.

Well over 30 million people have read my blog now and It's broken every blogging record in the Philippines including unique hits and page reads. No other blog has even come close to these incredible numbers which I'm very proud of.

The energy I put into it comes from my heart mind and soul. Over the last two years, I've slayed my enemies and haters and I've destroyed their theories with the truth.

This blog is my healer and ultimately brought me to this wonderful place where I find myself today.
I'm still fighting for justice. I'll never stop.
I'm a fierce fighter.

I understand the responsibilities of being a blogger-advocate. I know myself to be the voice for many people. People who may never be heard, or have their passions acknowledged without a conduit like a blog.

The feeling I have to help others is overwhelming at times. And so, through this blog, my journey continues…

Live Love and Laugh