28 March 2008

ABS/CBN........ Hello!!!!!

Fuck ME!

This is a long post!
Attached is a very good article. I read it a few times. You will find it at the bottom.

Sometimes I get so bloody frustrated with the Philippines.
I have been giving interviews today.
There are so many differences of course.
But so many of your laws are actually illegal here.
Its crazy what people get away with in your country.

I understand my blog has become a 'case study' for on line libel laws in the Philippines and Asia.
My lawyer is excited. I may be in the books after this is done. I am not excited.
Oprah, here I come. NOT!
Australian law is also looking at it. Very closely.
I have also been asked by several people for permission to use my blog for their thesis work.
Anyone can use this blog for their thesis. As long as I get a copy when your done. He he he.
I have already read part of one.
VERY GOOD Sara!!!!!! You are brilliant.

Australian laws are VERY civil when it comes to communications on the web.
It's why I came home to Australia. To fight.
My lawyer told me to relax.
They can't touch me here.
I am being contacted from people all over the world.
I am thrilled my words and messages are getting out.

And nervous. I start some television interviews this weekend.

DJ mate, you could have stopped this.
I gave you seven months to come good.
You ignored me.
Now look.
How does your mother feel about this?
Does she STILL believe that you are God fearing?
Are you ready to see me on television?

This blog is no longer just about my savings, although that remains and always will remain number one.
Its slowly becoming about other things as well.
Things bigger then money. More important to some.
Like freedom of speech.
The ability to write freely on a blog without rich families destroying your life.

I love the Philippines. So much.
Its a passion of mine. A deep passion. Has been for a long time.
The people are magic. The vast majority. Like any country.
Do not thwart my energy for your country.
Do not misunderstand where my loyalties lay.
They are with the people of the Philippines.
I want to write freely about your country and my experiences there.
I will not be censored.

My blog.
Go figure.
All this commotion.

People from all over the world have become involved with this blog.
I am thrilled.
Because it's not only about the money anymore.
BUT I still want it back.
Every penny.
70,000 dollars.


I found this article fascinating on so many levels.
Not only because my blog is responsible for firing up this topic again.
But because it is so full of shit.
SO many errors.
You should have contacted me ABN..... or are you allowed to?


There are so many mistakes in it as well.
BIG errors. Important errors that twist things.
Even if they are in my favour. Its still wrong!
Time line errors that distort the true journey of my life.
Errors that distort the truth of my story.
These people did not speak to me about these things.
They pulled from my blog and distorted the facts.

They have no problem printing my name though.
I was maligned, not DJ or anyone else on my blog.
You don't seem to care at all, that people are coming to your country and being fleeced blind.
Never doing anything wrong.
That's what your story should be about.
Nothing else.
Because if DJ had not taken all of my money, I would NOT have this fucking blog in the first place.
Cause and effect. Look it up.

So my question is...

If a leading National news organization can't get the 'basic' facts of my story correct,

then why the fuck are your lawyers squeezing their balls over this issue?

Let go of them boys and go have a pull. Let off some steam.

This entire debate in the Philippines is already smelling like old fish. AND ITS JUST THE BEGINNING. Or it could be poor Celine's breath.

I am thankful to the Inquirer though.

This is being reflected in my comments section (which is one lung of this blog). Printing the facts is a humorous, witty sort of way. I commend them for finding a way to keep 'normal' Filipino's and Filipina's informed about whats taking place in cyberspace.People notice Inquirer.
But the STAR is a disgrace.
Protecting their coke heads,
The frauds who write for their paper.
The fakes who have 'ghost writers'.

DJ MOntano
Celine Lopez
Tim Yap... and others.

Others will be names as well.
I will just keep writing until DJ has no choice but to do the right thing.
I did not LEND money to my ex. It was money for our restaurant that was just make-believe.
So I was 100% duped out of my money.

I don't have to explain anymore how stupid I was to trust DJ. I have already kicked myself in the guts a million times.
No more.
Nothing I did or didn't do changes the facts of my claim against my ex.

If the Lopez clan didn't own ABN/CBN, they would be reporting this blog. But they do own it.
Its a scandal.
The STAR is a scandal.
ABS/CBN is a scandal.
Redeem yourselves.
You can not ignore my blog forever.
It stinks already.
Get your collective heads out of the sand.

The hits that my blog generates is enough news for a fucking story.
Its good enough for the Inquirer.
Why is their paper escaping this mess.
Because they are not your paper. that's why.
Total waste of time.
Unfair and unbalanced.

But The Inquirer somehow manages to tell the story without being sued or threatened.

ABN-CBN (TV Netrowk) is owned by you know who. The Lopez Clan.
They also own Maynilad/MWSS (Water Utility in the Philippnes), Sky Cable (Biggest cable company in the country), Rockwell Malls, and many more realty development companies.

Wow, Emily, you struck GOLD GOLD GOLD.

A Picasso for your daughter Emily?
Are you fucking kidding me?

In your impoverished country, you give your daughter a fucking Picasso?
Sell that painting Celine and give the money to CHARITY.
You filthy fat cats.
You tacky over indulged parasites.

And DJ.
He is the BIGGEST parasite of all.

Fuck, it really pisses me off that ABN-CBN (TV Netrowk) has finally decided to comment on my dilemma...

and they get the whole thing wrong.

How can any of take this debate in your country seriously when your news organizations can't even PRINT THE FUCKING names of the people who are destroying the entire fabric and foundation of your country.
When Australian media starts their roll out, names will be mentioned.
Don't worry.

Your media has been hijacked by your media. Funny that.

The Philippines hasn't always been like this.
We all know that.
But do the young people?
Or their parents?
Can they remember any good times?
Are they growing up stifled?
I think they are.
I know they are.
Corruption is in the air. Its thick and everywhere.
You can smell it. Taste it. Step in it.
Like dog shit.
It really stinks and sticks.

You can't print names in Manila.
Hence the on going corruption problems.
People are terrified.
Really scared to talk.
I know that is true.
I don't want to argue with anyone about this.
Its true!

When Suzy had her blog, it created a ripple. A big one.
DJ told me.
So did Tim and Tina. And the rest.
All proud like.
The power was dribbling down their legs.
They were all obsessed by that blog while it was up.
Had to 'bunker down' apparently.
With their coke no doubt.
Snort until the problem goes away.
And it did.
Because they used their family power to alter your societies momentum.
Lopped it off at the knees.
Not me though.
They can suck it.
Suck it hard.

I wish I could read some of your blog Suzy. But you can't find it anymore on line.
Good on you Suzy.
Great effort.
I applaud your attempt to purge the vomit from Manila society.

A long time ago, I asked DJ what happened to Suzy's blog.
DJ told me they had it shut down. Fast.
Threatened her I believe.
Scared her.
Shut her down.
I was a little scared when he said that.
I thought to myself.
You had it shut down?
Foreign concept to a first world er.
You just can't do that in Australia.
People would march!
They would go crazy.

But apparently Chut was devastated to be called Mr. Potato head in the blog.
And Wendy was called a slut.
But you are Wendy. You are a slut.
Own it girl. Work it. Embrace your slutness. You earned your stripes girlfriend.
On more then one continent.
And Celine was being outed even back then as a do nothing coke head.
I am NOT the first to report on Celine and the DJ or the GG.
Just the most fierce.
And of course, Jackie's husband was already being whispered about.
Poor Marco.
Loves dick.
And DJ's.
Right DJ?

Tell Jackie that you've had sex with her husband.

Because I am starting to enjoy this blog.
I love writing.
Its been VERY therapeutic for me.
Trust me readers.

He fucked me so badly. I'm not sure how long it will take me to get over this.

Oh yeah, I remember.
This blog shuts down.
But not ONE micro-second before that day.

DJ told me once that he has done drugs for fifteen years already.
That's the night he told me he was finally going to go to a re hab facility.

I offered to pay and send him to America for re hab.
But he can't fly there. To America.
His family is banned because they are over stayers.
He was stopped once from entering the USA.
Turned away.
And I believe he still has problems travelling freely.
Secret family business.

His family is full of criminals and bandits. Decades of corruption and greed.
Lawsuits and tragedy. I know all about your grandfather and your father DJ.
People write and tell me so much. Even if half of it is true, then I understand you a bit better.
The fruit don't fall far from the tree.

And the Lopez clan.
Hole crap.
I could write a book just on the Emily/Robertito scandal.
What a whore.
And Celine is the whore daughter of the whore that is Emily.
Emily R. The Vatican?
Are you fucking MAD.

That crazy greedy evil bitch should NEVER step foot anywhere in the world in an 'official capacity for the Philippines'.
I personally will be an activist against it.
I will bleed through the eye's before she steps foot in Italy.

I will create a blog JUST FOR THAT ONE ISSUE ALONE.
You fucked up too much in your life Emily to be trusted with ANY post overseas.
You are a corrupt woman with no heart.
WHY do people hate you so much? Why Emily?
Why do people hate your daughter so much. Why Emily?
And your daughter. You should be ashamed.
Your son. Oh my god.
That poor boy needs to be committed.
In military school.

Who killed your father DJ?
Please tell me the truth.

You told me it was the Marcos's.
People are telling me who they suspect really killed your father.

And some people want me to come to Manila and go to court with DJ?
Are you mad? With his families fucked up history.

Some people are encouraging me to return to Manila and fight DJ in court.
You want me to come there and do battle with this 'Montano'.
You only have to look up his name sake on line to discover that they are a crazy bunch of crooks.
Like Tina Tinio's family.

Pigs. They have it all.
Between these few people, they own everything.
Control everything.
Keep everything.
When they really deserve nothing at all.

TREASON for steeling all the peoples money.
Jail them all.

No health care for your people! TREASON.
Third rate education for your people. TREASON.
Expensive $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ medications for poor people. TREASON.
Poor housing and accommodation for the vast majority. TREASON.

I call treason on all you fat cats and fat bitches who have prospered and reaped/raped your fortunes as a result of and on the backs of your fellow countrymen.

That's a ton of coke you did over fifteen years DJ.
He told me he used to fuck everyone in Manila.
This of course is AFTER we were together for a couple of months.
After the flow of money began.
A ton of drugs DJ.
How much money from other people did you use to sustain your habit DJ?
How much of mine?
Celine, how much cocaine did Marcel buy for you?
An ounce? Two?

DJ told me Marcel would buy you as much as you wanted.
That's why you had him around.
And for the art and hand bags.
And the rest. You really don't have any money do you Celine? Its all a big joke.
You've tricked everyone.
You are a poor Lopez. Right?
Inquiring minds want to know.

You kept him around to supply you with blow.
You and DJ and your friends.
Because first thing you told everyone after you met was how fucking ugly you thought he was.
You are a bitch Celine. A mean heartless selfish cow.
I can see why DJ was the tampon up your clacker for so bloody long.
You deserved each other all those years.
Thick as thieves.

Your drug habit DJ? You told me nothing about until you were caught.
You told me you would go to re hab when I got back from Australia.
Instead you had me taken away by the police. You never intended to go to re-hab.
WHY did you lie to me a million times. I came back to help you. To be there for you.

Not any more DJ.
GOOGLE your name DJ.
Go on.

Remember that night when I was standing in my jocks crying. The police taking me away.
Remember what I said to you mate, as I walked by shaking?
I told you that you would NEVER get away with what you did to me.
And I was correct.

It stinks that it has come this far.
But you messed with the wrong man.
And I will fight until my knuckles are bloody and raw.
You will never win this battle.
In fact, you have already lost.


And we are NOT supposed to write about any of them. We can't print their pictures in a negative light.
No links. No freedom. No shit!

Celine had been on dozens of magazine covers. That's private?
Their columns? Private lives?
Hundreds upon hundreds of photos are printed endlessly.
Featuring the same forty people.That's private?
That's a private life?
He also has a very small penis.

Tian Tinio. Private. You can see the bitch from Cebu.

Fuck you Yap. I hear you are planning an attack on me through the STAR.
Go ahead.
I have nothing to hide. NOTHING.
Do your best.

All these useless toilet rag writers do is write about themselves. That's private?

Most of these'flashbulb lunitics' have promotional deals and contracts. That's a private life?



Marco, you are in EVERY FUCKING PICTURE.

Sit your faggot ass down and relax.
Your popular, we get it.
But you are a camera whore.
And a coke whore.
And a cock whore.

So is Jackie. Poor girl never gets any though.
You are all tragic for the camera.
No privacy will be accorded to any of you in my blog I'm afraid.
You put your asses out their.
This is the flip side of that shiny coin kids.

They get moist from the though of it. The camera, that is.
I have seen them shiver when the camera approaches.
DJ can whip out his bronze compact, apply and put it back with out anyone noticing. He can also snort blow like that.
I watched him do it many times.
Total addict.
Exposure is like cocaine for them. Addictive for them.
Like a vibrator after twelve years of marriage.
Look at me. Look at me. Look at me.

I'm fucked off my face on cocaine.
Who gives a flying fuck about the poor people.
Who gives a shit about anything other then my next batch of baggies.
DJ, wake up you druggie.
Give it back to me.
Just give me back my money.

My lawyer told me you are going to try a 'test case'.
I hope you have a ton on money DJ.
It's not third world here.
You actually have to pay in advance!!!
So your fucked.

And the Lopez clan. Come fight me.Contribute to our economy for a while.
Build a home for a lawyer.
Because I will tell you one thing,
you will get a hiding in Australia.
The gays will be waiting for you.
Every HIV group will protest you.
Lets go.
Lets roll.
Next week. Australian news.
Prepare DJ.

I'm hard with anticipation.

And your lawyers, Celine, are going to try putting forward an argument that you and your cohorts are PRIVATE people.

Are you kidding me with this.
He sold his soul for his newspaper job.
Years ago.
To the devil.

Who actually does NOT wear Prada.
He also prefers Gucci.

And Celine's old lady, Emily. She is not a public figure?
Of course she is. She is a publicity junkie.
It's why she sacrificed her daughter.
For power and fame.
They all are public people.
Therefore they will be discussed on my blog.

I hate what Celine's mother represents in your country.
She sickens me like her spoilt rotten mean bitch of a daughter does.
You NEVER cared about my demise at the hands of your BFF Celine.
This blog is your therapy.
Absorb it.
Let it run through you.
Breath Celine.
Call DJ and tell him to end this.
And we can all exhale.

I know you are in London Celine. For the moment.
I'm keeping a very special post for you and DJ.
But I want you both to be in the country when I post it.
Because maybe the police might want to speak with you.
And you will need to be available.

I am waiting for the Philippines lawyers next move.

I understand that DJ and Tim Yap have had a meeting to discuss their strategy against me.
Oh Tim. You should spend your time trying to get through to your mate.
You know as well as anyone that he is guilty of what I claim.
They are planning an assault. I'm ready though.
I also know that Tim said that DJ still denies owing me money. Still. And that this is a lost cause for me.
I disagree.

Check mate!

Online libel: Aussie blogger’s victims are helpless

By CARMELA FONBUENA ( Carmela, your an ass. I am only 38 years old. You just defamed me bitch! Pay up!)

Early this month, Australian Brian Gorrell, 40, signed up for a free blog account. His blog—on stories about love, money, betrayal, violence, and crimes of the young party-going segment of Philippine society’s rich and famous—has since gripped hundreds of thousands, growing into an Internet sensation.

It has also become a case study for online libel laws as those who feel they have been defamed try to seek legal redress.

Readers in China , Canada , Australia , Philippines —especially in the Philippines —and other parts of the globe have been checking out Gorrel’s blog religiously. In a single day, he draws an online traffic of over 50,000. That is very high for a personal blog.

Other bloggers and even foreign media organizations including various Philippine media groups have also picked up his story.

Why the fuss over this blog?

His blog—a personal account of his experiences with a Filipino ex-lover—has all the elements of controversy. In the process, he tells all about the sons and daughters of wealthy families with whom he hang out when he was in the Philippines. Once or twice, familiar big political surnames are dropped, too.

He writes about a model allegedly cheating on her influential husband, a popular events organizer allegedly selling drugs in his parties, personalities who are supposedly drug addicts, and other ugly details about his former friends.


But Gorrell says that the purpose of the blog is not to shame all his former friends. It is the means to an end, which is to get back the money that his former lover allegedly stole from him. It amounts to US$70,000—his lifetime savings he says—which he invested in a joint restaurant business with the former lover. The restaurant turned out to be non-existent, so his account goes.

Gorrell writes that they had a violent fight after he began asking the former lover about his investment. One thing led to another and Gorrell had to fly back to Australia .

And then the blog was born.

In every post, Gorrel always begs for the ex-lover to pay him back. “Pay me back, [name of Filipino lover] PLEASE. I’m begging you to end this for me. I need the money. My medication is not cheap. My HIV is not going anyway anytime soon,” he said in one post.

Comments on Gorrell’s posts show that a majority of his readers believe his account. That he is HIV positive also generated a lot of sympathy for the Australian.

Lawyers’ concerns

Unknown perhaps to Gorrell, his blog has also stirred up the “interest” of some Filipino lawyers who are not in any way related to his characters. Lawyer Edwin Lacierda, an expert on Constitutional law teaching at the Far Eastern University and De La Salle University, is among the unexpected visitors of Gorrell’s blog.

More than the scandals, it is the legal implications of the blog that Lacierda finds interesting. Even University of the Philippines College of Law lawyer Theodore Te finds the unfolding Internet scandal “exciting” for the legal community. He first read about Gorrell in the newspapers.

Gorrell is right when he said, “it has become bigger than me,” referring to the blog. Although not the first of its kind, Gorrell’s blog intensified discussions on how, if at all, the Internet should be controlled.

When Gorrell posted his stories on the Internet, they began to have lives of their own. At one point Gorrell decided to shut down the blog. But after receiving 3,000 emails all over the world asking him to revive it, he did.

There’s little he can do to moderate the comments, too. Gorrell himself, creator of the blog, lost control over it.


Based on his scan on the blog, Lacierda finds “cause of action” for Gorrell, citing several image copies of his bank documents.

On the other hand, Lacierda also finds Gorrell’s statements “libelous.” “They are malicious,” he said.

This is the reason abs-cbnNEWS.com/Newsbreak is not divulging the identities of the Filipino characters—most of whom are not public figures.

UP Law professor JJ Disini agreed with Lacierda’s assessment of the blog. “I think that the statements are libelous,” he told ANC’s Media in Focus on March 27. He explained that while some of the characters in Gorrell’s blog are famous, the libelous statements have nothing to do with what they are famous for.

Aside from libel, Disini said that Gorrell may also be charged with blackmail. “Blackmail may be a crime where he is from.”

The other characters who have been dragged were treated unfairly by Gorrell, Disini said. Gorrell also wrote uncompromising details about the former lover’s friends in an attempt to get them to pressure the former lover to pay him back.

“In a very basic level, that’s unfair,” Disini said. “[They are] being used as pawns to get the money back.”

Settle in court

Gorrell and the Filipino characters in the blog have several legal options if they intend to bring the matter to the courts. The easiest way is for Gorrell to come back to the Philippines, the lawyers said.

Gorrell can file criminal charges against the former lover. After all, the alleged crime of the Filipino ex-lover was committed here. The former lover can also file libel charges against Gorrell for his allegations.

What makes the situation “interesting” is the fact that Gorrell is not inclined to go back to the Philippines or file charges against the former lover. “No way,” he said in one post. “I have absolutely no intention of spending the next three years of my life battling a liar or thief in your court system in Manila. I have experienced enough of the corrupt process you call law in the Philippines . I’m done. You will never get me into a courthouse in your country. Ever.”

It is clear in Gorrell’s blog that he wants to settle the matter out of the courts. And until the former lover pays him up, the blog and the ugly revelations will continue, so he says in the blog.

Maligned Filipinos want blog stopped

Naturally, it is the Filipinos maligned in the blog that are resorting to legal options to stop Gorrell’s blog. The Filipinos’ lawyers have gotten in touch with Gorrell to convince him to bring the matter to the courts, but to no avail. Gorrell published the entirety of the lawyers’ letter in his blog, too.

One of the subjects has called on the Philippine government to cooperate with the Australian police. Gorrell received a visit from representatives of the Philippine Consulate in Australia who was accompanied by Australian police, but that didn’t stop Gorrell from blogging. According to Gorrell, he was not charged with any crime after the visit from the police.


“It’s technically a stalemate,” UP’s Te said of the situation. Although there are other legal actions that the Filipino characters may take, they are both “tedious” and “very expensive.”

The Filipino characters may file a civil case against Gorrell in the Philippines even if Gorrell is in Australia . Although lawyers said this option hardly makes any point because Gorrell has no properties in the Philippines .

Another option is: they may try to get Gorrell extradited to the Philippines to face the criminal case. However, the Australian government will surely protect its citizen, Te said. Libel may be filed as criminal case, civil case, or both.

Still another option is to file the case in Australia . The problem with this option, aside from being very expensive, is that the Filipino characters will lose home court advantage. Unfamiliarity with Australian law is clearly a setback, too.

That laws for the Internet remain to be clarified doesn’t make it any easier. In the Philippines , Internet bills are still pending in Congress. “The definition of libel may be different in Australia ,” said Te.

Dangerous precedent

Former Bb. Pilippinas Ana Theresa Licaros understands the difficulty of dealing with online libel. After she won the pageant last year, several hardcore pageant fans who were not fond of her began posting critical statements about her in online forums.

Although she recognizes that as a beauty titlist, she has become a public figure, “sadly, some of the posts are bordering on defamation,” she said.

“I found it really bothersome the way they posted my photos and compared these with other beauty pageant winners. Among the less vulgar comments they would say about her was ‘mukhang barangay tanod.’ I was knocked off for being the smart girl. They say that it’s not a quiz bee.”

Aside from currently taking up law in the University of the Philippines , Licaros also finished a broadcasting degree in the same university and graduated summa cum laude.

Licaros consulted Te, who was her professor. Licaros considered filing libel charges against her critics. She went to the extent of tracking the IP addresses of the anonymous persons critical of her. She found out that they usually use just one IP address, which means that her critics may be using an Internet connection at home or in a regular internet café.

Licaros could have asked the help of the authorities to help her track the IP address, until she decided to reconsider filing a case. “Even if I was personally hurt, I decided not to pursue a case. Although I was really tempted,” she said.

Knowing that the laws on cyberspace are still being defined, the lawyer and the media student in her feared that the “result might extend to other areas of speech that I don’t want to be curtailed.”
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