07 March 2008

Bubu, Banditas and Banditos........

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I am only posting this e mail because apparently there are still a couple of Manila-ites who don't believe me in regards to my claims against DJ, Celine and others who I have yet, to even mention. I could do this for weeks DJ. I sense a ship sinking. I can smell it.

A big old spoilt rotting ship full of Bandita's and Bandito's. No life preservers though, on this particular vessel.

Just a long jagged plank. And a rock'n'rope tied round the ankle.

Look, its simple. I want my money back from DJ Montano. This will all stop when he does the right thing by me. For the first time ever, you all have to do the right thing. If not, well I am hardly responsible for the information I post on my blog. You are. Because this Aussie is pissed to the extreme. And hurt like I have never hurt before.

DJ only has himself to blame when this gets too out of control for him.

He and his principle enablers, who will be explored further into this blog.

You all know who you are.

I have lost so much because of him.
Your friend the con artist.
Your drug Buddie.
Your swag bag holder.

So I have nothing to lose.
DJ,....... you really did mess with me bad. Tried to destroy my life. Several times.
Stand up straight for yourself DJ, and so the right thing by me.
Borrow it from somewhere DJ.
I borrowed from my mother to give you money dear.
You need to go to your mother and do the same.
Or your sister, who I also sent seven thousand too.
Do you want me to involve your family DJ. I don;t want to but I will.
Your Mother.
Fully prepared.
Wrong Guy.

I would shut this whole thing off if you would only pay me. But until you do, I have no justice. No balance whatsoever in my life.

I have ten Western Union receipts which I will be posting soon.
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