22 March 2008

DJ Montano: Ka-Cheapan... Love Constance

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Througout my horrendous experience with DJ,
this was my only saviour.

Every two months, Metro Society hits the stands.
I LOVE this magazine.
I can look at it for hours.
Glossy and full of shimmer.
Plenty of sequins and handsome men.

The recent Men's issue was fantastic.
I LOVED the white cover.
And the boys ON the cover. The photo shoot.
I am depressed that I can't get this mag in Australia.
I don't know what I am going to do.

I just LOVE the people who pose for pictures when their out for the night.
At the Pen. The La. Greenbelt 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. The Fort. Anywhere where a photographer will be.
In front of the sponsor's signage.
Some of them will grasp the product itself to get some exposure.
Its hilarious to watch.
DJ was great at it.
It would embarrass me.

We went to a few of these 'events' together when I would come to Manila.
On the rare occasion that he would let me.
DJ never wanted me around his friends.
Afraid of what I might say.
Get him in trouble.
Tumbling down the hill of lies.

I dashed off to the side whenever I saw a photographer.
I really hated it.
I never want to be in any magazine.
Except Metro Style.
Can't explain it.

You should have to accomplish something first though.
Work hard.
Not inherit or steal from others.
I've yet to earn the right to be in a magazine.
I've not done anything yet.
My life has been a private one so far.
And wil remain that way.

Honest money.
Made in an honest fashion.
Like my savings were.
Through blood, sweat and tears.

Its a secret pleasure for me.
Reading Metro Society.
I wonder, what they are thinking when the flash goes off.
They are praying to make the grade.
Make the cut.
Be a member of society.
Get in that magazine.

They think they are stars for the night.
They are convinced that they matter.
And they do.
I'm sure to someone.

Thinking to myself.
None of this makes sense.
Who are these people?
This is supposed to be a third world country.
How come these people get to live like Kings and Queens? Prince's and Princess's?

I love the Philippine's.
I love Metro Society.
Everyone should study it hard.
Look at the people in it.

Who are they?
Are they worthy of the lofty heights that they have risen to?
How much do they truly contribute to the bigger picture?
It's like a fantasy land, that magazine.
Like starlets and heart throbs.
I love it.

The BEST part of the magazine is Constance Brooke Pendleton. My sweet sugar-pie from the back (and best) page.
This chick kills me. I love the (her?) writing and the humor.
I especially love her 'up dates' on my ex boyfriend.
DJ Montano.
Aka, My Ka-Cheapen.
Her writing is brilliant. Witty, acerbic and straight to the point.
No beating around the bush.
You go girl.

Thank you Constance for being brave.
I know you can't mention names in Manila.

You would be fired.
Or perhaps harrassed.
Black listed maybe.

After all, he is usually in the very magazine you write for.
Posing, smiling, moving, shaking, networking and pretty much just being a fraud.
Searching for investors he can fleece. Men who are dumb (that would be me).
Using the names of his friends to establish his 'cred'.

Your articles made me scream inside Constance.
"That's my ex" I would tell everyone on Boracay.
I was just relieved that someone else was on to The Talented Mr. Montano.

I stopped feeling so isolated and alone after I read your back page Constance.
You gave my pain validation.
You gave my fear and heart ache legitimacy.

Thank you.

And with your permission, I would like to post the 'kick off' article which launched Mr. Ka-Cheapen onto the world.
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