25 March 2008

FAKE! FAKE! FAKE! Eat My Birkin Biotch!

I am calling a FAKE on this bag. Fakola!

A big huge fat FAKE, otherwise known as the "Tina' of all fakes.

I know for a FACT that it's not a 'real' Birkin bag.
The point is Celine, why try to be something your not?
And in the process, fool others.

Come clean Celine.
Where did you get this bag?
Where is now?
DJ has fakes too.
He used to get very defensive when I would ask him.

I wear bench.
Its even better when its on sale.

There is no shame in owning a fake Celine.
Or in your world, a 'faux'.

They say you are what you own.
Or you are what you eat.
Or you resemble your dog.
Oh I can't remember.

Of course I am joking.
There is everything wrong with wearing a fake.
There is everything wrong with wanting or needing all the expensive rubbish you have.
Give it all away girl.
Its all just stuff that is stopping you all from growing.
Cleanse yourself.
Put to bed your greed and lust for things.
You only crave them to make you feel superior to others.
Your just barely a Lopez love.
Cool your jets.
Be an example for others.
Stop enabling people like DJ. Stop looking the other way when he is destroying the lives of others.
Its what 'best friends' do.
You can't dash away when things gets ugly.
With your fake bag.
Naughty Celine.

Tell DJ to do the right thing Celine.
And this will all go away.

And DJ.
Oh DJ.
More with you tomorrow.
I am so waiting for your lawyers.
My paper work is almost done.
I had to replace the files you stole from my hotel room.

But don't worry Celine dear.
Because one day your clever mother will get her sharp tallons on Albertito's money.
Like your BFF got mine.
And you will be set for life.
And so will you DJ.
As I'm sure you will sponge off of your friends forever.
And steal from your lovers.

some douche bag will marry you dear.


Another addict no doubt.
Its all you seem to attract.
They are the only people who want to be with you.
Other coke heads.

How many other 'bags' that you own are faux?

How much International fashion do you own?
Blah, blah, blah.
It all means nothing.
Give it all away.


Who bloody cares!

Charity Celine. Give it all away to charity.
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