28 March 2008

The FIVE Stages of Celine

She starts off ok.

But then she has a bump. Then a snort.

A line.
A bag.
A pile.
A shitload.

And before you know it, she's bugged eye's and flying.

Off her face. Usually being held up.
I have seen her eye's roll back in her head.
Just wasted.

DJ would tell me thats just how she was.
Could not live without drugs.
Like DJ.
It clouds their minds.
Makes them feel invincible.
I know.
Like they can do anything.
And they do.

To others.
Innocent people who are abused.
Crushed because of the stupidity in their heads.

Lie, steal, cheat, fool others and trick the world.
But now you are tricking no one.

But at the end of the day, your only as useful as the baggie that carries your addiction.

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