26 March 2008

FREEDOM OF SPEECH?.... NOT in the Philippines I'm AFRAID

Please find attached an article out today about the blog.
I LOVE the Philippines.
I lived there and grew there.
Filipino's and filipina's are my sisters and brothers.
My heart is full of love for your people.
So much love.

But that does not change the fact that your system would be against me.
If I came back to Manila to fight in court.
I KNOW that.
Lawyers in Manila warned me.
I listened.
My mom was with me. She listened.

DJ Montano stole my life savings.
We all know that.

That is the only thing these people should be worried about.
These people who are worried about bloggers and such.

I was NOT a blogger until your fellow countryman stole all of my money.
He drove me to this blog.
Its DJ's blog.
I created it just for him.
I hope he likes it.

People come to your beautiful country, not to battle in your courts.
Not to lose even more money because of the corruption and shady characters involved.
This is my battle.
I will fight it the way I see fit.
NOT in a Manila court house.
No thanks.
been through enough torture with the ex.

Yes, I will make mistakes.
I am only human.
Not everyone will like my decisions.
I have to live with that.
And I do.

I will fight any attempt to shut me down and shut me up.

I will NEVER EVER stop my fight for balance and justice.

Your country can try to beat me down.

They will fail.
DJ will fail.
He already has.
But I am not yet done.
He still has my money.

My country will neither prosecute me for my free speach nor would they ever extradite me to the Philippines.

This blog is everything to me at the moment.
Its the only shread of hope I have.

You think that will be taken away from me?


Reprinted hot off the presses.
The Brian Gorrell Story on Media in Focus
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posted: March 25th, 2008 (Visited 420 times)
Since the Brian Gorrell blog has emerged a couple weeks ago, I tried to steer away from it because of its libelous nature. Obviously, tens of thousands of people are visiting this Australian guy’s blog about his Filipino ex-lover and the $70,000 money the latter owed him that it has gotten him much attention from the press. This evening, we taped the panel discussion at ANC’s Media in Focus discussing the social and legal ramifications of this phenomenon.

Anybody who’s been following his blog knows the scandalous posts and pictures will only attract libel suits. Lawyer’s of the parties involved have made their moves so far, though nothing concrete has been done. Google, the owner of Blogger.com where the BlogSpot blog is being hosted, has been sent a letter of request to take down the blog as well (not sure if it’s a C&D though).

What other bloggers who have been religiously covering this issue is that they’re also accountable about the spread of such libelous acts and can be held liable in Philippine courts. That’s according to Atty. JJ Disini who was also one of the resource speakers of ANC. Even JV Rufino, EIC of Inquirer.net, said he made sure all their articles (9 so far and counting) steer clear of identifying names, linking or publishing URLs.

Here’s what could get bloggers into trouble if they’re covering the issue.

Publicly mentioning names of people being exposed in the blog.
Posting pictures of the people being named by Brian Gorrell in his blog.
Publishing the URL of the blog or linking to the blog.
Quoting a libelous sentence on the blog or re-publishing/summarizing allegations thereof.
The personalities and families of the people being exposed in the blog are desperate to end this and looks like they’re doing everything they can to stop people from talking about it and they will include bloggers too.

Watch Media in Focus on ANC this Thursday to learn more about this issue. We tried real hard not to name names or mention the blog. The only name we can really talk about in the segment was Brian Gorrell himself.


The person who wrote this can't even mention names.
A disgrace to REAL journalism.


Are you living in the USSR?

What ever happened to freedom of speech?

Holy Shit!
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