10 March 2008

Tina Tina Tina Tinio. What a MESS.

Just the mention of Miss. Tinio's name in this blog created a fire storm of activity in my mail box.

I recieved over three hundred and fifty e-mails with regards to her. From six countries. And none of them nice. Well one, but i suspect she wrote it.

The venom is overwhelming. Shocking. And not just from me.

TINA love, what are you doing with your life? Apart from banging on Chuts door at two am for a line of cocaine?

I know you are all saying, "Why me Brian"?
"What did I ever do to you Brian"? Like Wendy P. Boo hoo hoo girls. Suck it. You are everything that is wrong with your country.

You think you are actually better then your maids. These 'real' women who scrub your lives clean.

And your dental floss two-piece that made me think twice about ever eating again. My gay eyes were in shock. And its hard to shock the gays dear. But that bathing costume you wore at Nami was death defying. Top marks for bravery Chi Chi Bear.

This is not about me dear. Its about you. You and your make believe world. Its about your group and what they represent. About many people who have lost touch with their moral compass and can't keep their fat little sausage digits off the bowl of blow . You want to sit at the top of the mountain and look down at your minions. Poor mountain.
Where you have placed yourself dear, is in the world of product, greed, and party lists to promote your shit brands of overpriced rubbish. Honestly. Go away. Be a lady.

Your gift bags make me barf. ALL GIFT BAGS DO. People should refuse to take them. Are you poor? You should all be ashamed for handing them out.
Its just another vile contribution the the bigger picture. Some get for nothing. And others just get nothing. The ones outside on the street. Hungry.
Your Kielhs pre-opening was sad.
Dear, instead of handing out crap popcorn and facial fuel samples to your rich guests, get your carcass out onto the street and hand it out to the poor.
Your family owes them bazillions. Where DID your family gets all its money Tina?
Just some popcorn.
A few measly kernals.
But you would have them lick the butter from the bottom of the bag.

DJ almost creamed his knickers when you announced that he would be recipient of one of your fantastical, unbelievable,magical, "I'm better then the rest of you suckers, so kiss my ass " swag bags. Enough said. Not one tiny bit of charity at any of your events.

Sell your clothes dear.
Sell all of your hideous bags and shoes and fake gaudy trinkets.
Put down the drink and stop being a 'Scion' for a while. You suck at it. Coke whore.

Open a heath care facility for women. Children? Just give away ten million pesos tomorrow.
Get your fat ass on the tele and show others that your life consists of more then merchandise and make up.

Let me guess. Its because they are all jealous of you?
We are all jealous of all of you? I know this is a common mantra that all you fat cats use to justify your over consumption and vulgarity at the buffet table.

My god woman, look at yourself.
You breath like a baby in an incubator.

You hold court like King Henry the 8th. Drumstick and all.

You bark at waiters. You bark at your friends. You bark at everyone. because you are used to getting everything you want.
I have seen you terrorize people.

I almost fell over when I read your wiki entry. Did you write it dear? Did you? Its disgusting and FALSE.

Are you kidding me with this shit Tina?

I hardly had to research you at all for the true facts behind your family's wealth.
You hold it over people.
Its your swag bags dear. Its all about the swag.
Suck my swag Tina.

DJ had a massive amount of cosmetics and samples. His bathroom looked like a pharmacy.
A beauty shop. Doctor was always in. They all love the prescription drugs in Manila. Cheap bastards.
Shu Shemura this and Shu Shemura that. Shu, shu, shu Tina. Just shu away.

I found you to be the worst coke head of all. Snorty snort snort.

I wondered how a girl with so much extra weight on, could have so much energy.
As to be able change your gown, dress, or any other shocking fashion disaster three times in one night. WTF!

Dear, you are a snob.
Full stop. The worst kind. You treat people like garbage.
Your entire family has filthy fingers from stealing out of the Morcos's honey pot.

DJ borrowed money from me one night. I suspect edit was for drugs. So I asked him out right.
He told me he was organising some coke for you.
Is this true? Because if its not. Well, he is your friend.
Because someone owes me twelve thousand peso's.

DJ also told me that you were gross. At a luncheon in Singapore, he told me you were an embarrassment because you scoffed all the good soft cheese. Little piggy. I believe DJ was your guest at that event. Nice friends you have there babe. But don't worry dear, He used to fuck me too. So I know what it feels like to be screwed.

DJ and Celine and the whole bunch of them laugh at you behind your back. DJ is NOT your friend Tina dear. Trust me. None of them are. For the most part, they let you hang around and snort snort snort because they need to come to your dumb assed events. They need the freebies. Poor bastards. Pretend to be well off, but they can't pay the driver..... DJ!!!!!
They just like the free room you give them. An opportunity to boss help around.

Those dumb fucking swag bags. UHG. Fuck the swag you spoilt brats. Give it all away.

I have seen you in full 'suck my ass' mode TINA. I could smell your exposed brown eye.
Vile. You are vile.
Your sychophantic fan base encircling you like lions around a wounded buffalo. Its a memory i can't shed. Hilarious.

In a bikini Tina?
Have you no shame?
Have you never considered that some people might want to eat.
My god girl, I was almost ill.

Enter the Yap. And his bitching remark about my Filipina Queen. But I've been there already. Suck it Yap. Choke.

Tina dear, take your ignorant, coke snorting, self entitled, 'self titled', self and piss off to the provinces and do some laundry.
Give your 'magical' seamstresses a holiday.
Let them rest their poor aching fingers.
They must be exhausted from sewing you into what some people may consider 'a comprimise to the designers original concept and design'.

Take your dumb products that promote beauty and bleaching. Shove them up your ass.
Why don't you do something good in your life for others. Take off the fake mink eye lashes Tina. Its gross. Are you trying to be an animal?

Why doesn't the Star promote a REAL writer who focuses on REAL filipinos and filipinas.

A person brave enough (who could remain in Manila with out being murdered) who will challenge the validity of Tina Tinio and others as well as the validity of ther money and where exactly it came from.

Crooks. swindlers and vagabonds.The lot of you. Give your maids a bonus this week. And your driver. Just give something to everyone you see tomorrow Tina. And not a chicken nugget dear. Don't count.


Tina Tinio
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Tina Tinio (née Maria Cristina Cuenca Tinio, born January 11, 1974) is a Filipino socialite, former equestrienne, and cosmetics industry executive. She is a scion of two prominent Filipino families, and is related by blood or marriage to a significant portion of the Philippine upper class. She is a frequent host of parties and other social events, often in conjunction with her work as a cosmetics company executive[1], and is involved with a number of charity projects.
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[edit]Family and education

Her father is Manuel "Boy" Tinio, a businessman, musician, and competitive amateur golfer. Her mother is Maria Angela "Mary Ann" Tinio, a former model, entrepreneur, and social hostess, who receives frequent mention in the society pages of Philippine newspapers and magazines. On her father's side, she is descended from General Manuel Tinio (1877-1924), a hero of the Philippine Revolution of 1896, who later became the first Filipino to hold the positions of Director of Lands and Director of the Bureau of Labor, and after whom a town in the Philippine province of Nueva Ecija is named[2]. On her mother's side, her grandfather, Rodolfo "Rudy" Cuenca, an Asian business tycoon and former associate of the late Philippine president Ferdinand Marcos[3], her uncle, Roberto "Bobby" Cuenca, a local bon vivant, and cousin, Elbert Cuenca, a photographer and artist, count among her better-known kin. She is the eldest in a brood of three girls, the second being New York-based Ananda Tinio, an award-winning filmmaker who was a producer at MTV Philippines, and the youngest Alessandra Tinio, a rock music singer and fashion model whose appearances include a spread in the Philippine edition of FHM magazine.
She was born in Makati City, a prosperous suburb in the Metropolitan Manila area, and split her formative years between the family residence in Forbes Park, her grandparents' beachfront estate in the northern Philippine province of La Union, her grandfather's Park Avenue penthouse in New York, and the 5-storey, 12-bedroom, Tudor-style Cuenca mansion in the Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco. She attended St. Scholastica's College in Manila until the fourth grade, counting among her fellow alumnae Corazon Aquino, the former Philippine president, Maria Ressa, former CNN International bureau chief and Gloria Diaz, the Philippines' first Miss Universe winner. She finished her elementary education at the Katherine Delmar Burke School in San Francisco, California, and subsequently went to Phillips Exeter Academy in Exeter, New Hampshire, where she received her high school diploma in 1992. After a year spent studying Japanese at the Philippine Institute of Japanese Language and Culture, she was accepted at Keio University in Tokyo, Japan, on a full academic scholarship, where she graduated with a degree in Art History and Aesthetics[4]. While at Keio, she was a member of the university's equestrian team, and competed in several international meets.
[edit]Professional activities

While in Japan, Tinio taught English as a Second Language courses, and also appeared on educational television programs as a teaching assistant for conversational English. Upon graduating from college, she returned to Manila, where she began working in Public relations for Joey 92.3FM, a local radio station. Her interest in beauty products, coupled with her fluency in Japanese and passion for Japanese culture, led her to a position at L'Oréal Philippines, where she was placed in charge of the Shu Uemura label[5]. Within two years she helped push it to the number one spot in its segment. Her accomplishments were rewarded with a promotion to the position of Business Unit Manager for both Shu Uemura and Kiehl's.
At L'Oréal, she has become known for organizing a variety of events to publicize the conglomerate's various brands. One example is the "Bejeweled" party, where, in a tie-up with Motorola, emerald-, ruby-, sapphire-, and diamond-encrusted Motorola cellular phones were given out as prizes to promote the launch of a Shu Uemura line[6]. Another is the "Nami Moto" weekend, where select socialite guests are flown to the five-star Nami resort on the Philippine island of Boracay for a few days of pampering to promote Shu Uemura and other L'Oréal products, along with other corporate partners like Motorola, Nami, and local mobile provider Smart Communications[7]. She has spoken at various industry meetings and conferences, such as the 19th Annual Philippine Advertising Congress in Cebu City, on topics like PR Marketing and Event management. Since February 2007, she has been based in Singapore[8], where she is a regional executive for The L'Oréal Group, holding the title of Marketing Operations Manager.
[edit]Personal Activities

As an active member of the social scene in the Philippines as well as other countries in the region, she often appears in media coverage of high society parties and other such events[9][10]. Her other personal interests include vintage couture and fashion accessories, reading books on art, social commentary, and interpersonal relationships, riding horses, Japanese anime, and collecting samples of different cosmetics and other beauty products.
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Tina Tinio & Mari Litonjua's Birthday at Embassy. Daniel Tan Photography (March 2007).
Seen with an ARANAZ bag. Aranaz News (March 2007).
The 19th Annual Philippine Advertising Congress.
All Eyes on...Eyes.
L'Oréal Singapore.
L'Oréal Philippines.

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