27 March 2008



You have got to be kidding me.

Because I am using this blog to pressure DJ Montano to give back the money he STOLE from me.
Because I told him I would only shut it down after he made good.
I stick by that.
Let's go to court.
It all sounds very dramatic.
Like a tragic soap opera.

Fat chance fuckers.
You can try, but you will not succeed.
We have seen so far, the 'lawyers' that have thrown shit my way.
Nothing stuck.
I will post anything I get on my blog.
I will keep nothing out.
I will shame anyone who participates in any attempt to silence me.

I want my money DJ Montano.
If you think this is blackmail, you're mad.
You just stole my money from under me.
Money for our business venture that never was.
You TRICKED me mate.
God will be your judge and jury mate.
You got your money your way.
And I will get it back my way.
You are in the Blogsphere forever now mate.
No court case will ever delete your name from cyberspace.
You NOR Celine.

I'm just glad I will never be seeing you in heaven DJ.
Because mate, you ain't going up there I'm afraid.
But I will be there.
With the thousands of beautiful magical souls that touched me through this medium.
You will NEVER take this experience away from me. You have already taken so much already.

The fight.
The stress.
The will.
The determination.
Makes me healthier every day.
Reminds me what I am. Who I am.
A good person, who just made bad decisions.

But that does not nor ever will change the fact dear DJ,
that you tricked me from day one for my cash.
Admit it.
Do the right thing and give it back.
So I can move on.
So we all can move on.

And yes, I will shut the blog off.

I am soooooo ready for justice.
My justice.

Philippines legal circles are toying with the idea of having me charged with blackmail.
This is confirmed by my lawyer.
I found out this morning.
Go ahead.

Make my day.

This made me laugh out loud.
Then cry.
It felt good.
Then bad.
But then I pulled myself together and had a great big huge fat enormous laugh (aka as the Tina laugh)
Look, the bottom line, is this.

I am about to hit Australian media VERY soon. Next week. Big time.
Australians will go crazy when this hits the media.

I am also filming a television interview on the weekend for the Philipinnes.
There will be a BBC interview as well.
I'll get my ass on the fucking Oprah fucking Winfrey show bitches.
It's just a matter of time before this gets even bigger.
I will always have truth on my side.
So if anyone thinks, I am shying away from my original only ONLY objective from this blog,
you are crazy in the head.

I am a fighter.
I will go to court.
I will create so much press attention,
I'll make my money back somehow.
I will do battle with anyone from your country and any fucked up lawyer from my country who would DARE take the side of a corrupt bunch of ass holes.

Don't fuck with me fellas.
This ain't my first time at the rodeo.
You want to see a cowboy?
Try having me charged with ANYTHING.

I will not only win.
I will inleash the bull with the biggest horns.
And you can try to ride that.
I have nothing to lose.

But the people who are threatening to have me jailed.
You have everything to lose.

Because public opinion will NEVER be on your side DJ.
Or the GG.
Because people know what's right and proper at the end of the day.
Because I will fight your system in Australia.
I will shout my victory song upon this nation's rooftops.
When I win.

Then I will sue you DJ.
For theft.
You name it.
I will keep your lawyers so busy, you will need to steal more money from another unsuspecting queer.
And your sister.
And you family.
I will sue your paper DJ. The Star.
I will sue the whole fucking lot of you.
Because somehow,
I am going to recover my savings.

And in the process,
I will unveil to the world the hypocracy of your corrupt country.
The main players in my story.
All of them.
Your lawyers and judges (not all) are used to crushing truth tellers.
No one pays attention to the Philippines at the moment.
Because of this corrupt reputation around the world.
This blog is my attempt to contribute to the much bigger discussion that I could not possibly mediate on my own.

I have researched the Philipinnes for dozens of hours on the computer.
I read everything I can find.
I want to be up to date with everything.
I do not want to be accused of not knowing the facts.
If I did not LOVE your country, I would not care.
I would not have let the main issue spread out into other domains.
I just find it all fascinating.
Like the rest.
I am learning so much in the comments section.
DJ, your lawyer, family and freinds should read my blog.
Give them the link dear.

The saddest thing of all is, that I LOVE the Philippines.
I lived there and I loved it.
Boracay was a good place for me to be.

I was REALLY on the other side Yap.

I just met the worst person I could possibly have met,
at the Peninsula that day. The day I arrived.

Even with all of this happening, I hope to come back to visit my friends on Boracay.
And Manila. One day.
Because I have many beautiful friends in Manila.
I know they exist.
I just stumbled into the wrong basket that contained the rotten fruit of Manila.
And the flies are still following me.

But I don't think I will ever be able to come back.
I'm sure I would be arrested at the airport.
Quite sure.

I attached a picture of Pickles.
Just because she is so bloody adorable.
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