09 March 2008

You know what I want Jackie

I don't want phone calls to Australia from Manila people.

I don't want to talk to any of you.

You all had your chance to treat me with respect.

But you blew it.

I don't want to explain away my behaviour with this blog.

I don't have to. Free world

The Lopez family had tried and tried, but in Australia.... we have free speech.

Everyone, I want your friend to do the correct thing.

I want peace again in my life.

I want happiness in my heart.

I want my money back.

And until that happens,

This blog with continue.

70,000 dollars.

Western Union or Bank deposit.

Its up to you guys. Tell your buddy DJ to pay me back?

Because this is only going to get uglier.

Especially for you Montano. Little bandit.
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