29 April 2008

Are YOU Poor? How About Metro Society?

I am
not a writer.


I have said this before readers. But I really do
want to become a writer some day.

A great one maybe. Or just an OK one.

Who knows?

With that said, I have started to write my two books.

Yes, two.

My first book is about the Philippines itself and its people. It will be a pictorial book with special essay's written by special Filipinos. I want to focus on the country's hidden treasures, as I know there are many. This includes both people and places. This will be a non- profit project. And all proceeds will go to a Philippines charity. 100%.

The second book will be a auto biography about my life, which I have already been writing for a while. It will be a book about my experience's, including of course my relationship with both the Philippines and DJ Montano. It will take place from the start of my first trip and end when I hand in the first draft.

Everything will be included.

Nothing will be left out.

I will be given a research assistant.

It will be published in Australia or England.

We don't know yet.

I know that I'm not a writer yet, because
real writers send me there amazing essay's to read.

And plus, my new
bitch editor told me so. Hahahaha.

But she has faith in me and knows I will come up with the goods.

I can hardly criticize other writers (
ghosts aside), and suck myself, can I?

My lack of education, is definatley coming back to haunt me.

I finished school at fourteen.

And I know it shows sometimes,


So I have been reading dozens of essay's from all over the world, in order to help define my style a bit more.

I know I am
ALL over the place readers.

I have to learn as I go.

I am going to be a writer.

One day.

I am also in negotiations with the BBC for a special program on HIV/AIDS and the people who survive and thrive through adversity with the virus.

My story has caught their attention and they are currently putting together an option for it.

It will also be a non- profit venture.

And proceeds from the story and possible film work will also go to a Philippines charity.

I will not see a penny from any of my media. Except my biography. That is a personal book I have wanted to write for many years.

I am well into it already.

I am blown away at the brilliance in the Philippines.

Both the good and the bad brilliance.

My friends around the world who read my blog, and communicate with me on a daily basis, are also blown away by the conversation this blog has started.

I have always known that the Filipino race is special.

Because of my Filipina queen and her family.

I am NOT dragging the Philippines down as some radicals are suggesting.

That's absolute rubbish.

In fact, I am enhancing it in many ways.

Pushing those parameters further away from what is wrong.

Obviously people who disagree with my blog are seeing it through a different pair of eyes.

And I'm OK with that now.

That's why I get so upset when people question my motives and passion for the country.

At the end of the day, I know how much I love and care for your cluster of islands.

I was
born on an island.

Raised on one.

I moved to the largest island in the world, and grew up.

I moved to the Philippines because of the gravitational pull
towards your islands.

Its all about islands.

Go Boracay!


I have been sent a piece of writing today that I thought was great.

I wish I could write like this guy.

His vocabulary is wonderful.

And his turn of phrase admirable.

I e mailed him, and asked him if I could print his article in my blog.

Attention Constance

You and your magazine are too good to be associating with the likes of these two men Constance.
They go against everything you stand for in your articles.
There is no one I respect more in Manila when it comes to writing.

"In writing for a publication, the Editor and Publisher MUST trust you like their child. The mistakes you make reflect on them and vice versa. Your political and social stand reflects upon them.
Pendletons boss, skipper, confidant and friend on the whole DJ Montano issue should be the 'GREAT' Raul Manzano and the even bigger boss, Monchet Olives". (quote from author)

I thought this article was interesting to say the least.

The writer's article contains the name of someone in Manila who I like
very much.
And two others whom I can't stand. And I don't even know them.

I mention her because of her
brilliant articles in Metro Society.

I have mentioned her in my blog many times as she is a true supporter.

Constance Brooke Pendleton.
My bitch from the back page.
I love her.
Many do.

I feel sorry about her 'fellow mag- mates', from Metro Society though.
Raul Manzano and Monchet Olives are on the staff of Metro Society.
The very magazine that Constance writes for.
These guy's are complete losers.
It has been confirmed.
More greedy mag hags. Who adore swag bags.
And they are Old ones at that.

These guy's are total ' non starters'.
They are prime examples of what is so wrong with Manila and the Philippines.
Ridiculing people for being poor. Even if they are not.
Its disgusting.

And I am absolutely sure, there is too sides to this story. I hope there is.
Because this goes against everything Constance stands for.
Could these two men possibly be in her gravity?
I highly doubt it.
Because I know Constance.
She is the real deal.
She gives her money from her articles to CHARITY.
Every penny.
Several people have contacted me, to let me know that she has not taken a 'paycheck' for a long time.
She should be a beacon for these two loser's from Metro Society.
The staff their at Metro should 'fall into line' behind Constance and her attitude.
Instead of bragging about how much they have, they should give some away to the poor!
I am just so happy you were not there Conny dear.
Because you know how much we all love you dear.
BUT please have a word with these two 'men'.
Their behaviour was sad and very bothersome.

All I know is that my girl Constance was not on the island, because if she was and heard these two men spewing their rudeness, she surly would have spoken up.
"Because if she were there, she would have bitch slapped these two monkeys".

But her parasitic colleagues from Metro Society were there, and she should know what they were up to on Boracay. You must behave men, wherever you go. I have elves behind every single palm tree on Boracay.
Sponging IS a verb now dearest Constance!
You were right all along.

I highly DOUBT, Conny would have been impressed with, how Raul and Monchet
were behaving on that day. Drunk and obnoxious. Two things Boracay can do without! Grow up guys. You have embarrassed your Magazine.
I also know the receivers of your taunts, were NOT happy.
And I would have been VERY angry if someone called me poor.
Even if it WERE true.
The absolute height of rudeness.
To pick on people because of how much money they have or do not have.
Its just so fucking rude! (Readers, I'm really trying NOT to swear so much, I swear!)
These two men should take a course on ediquette.
Just because you may have more money, then the person next to you,
it does NOT mean, you are BETTER, then the person next to you.
Both of you.
Say it with me boy's.....wwwwwaaannnkkkkkeeerrrrrssss.

And I will ask Constance about this myself when we next talk.

I am positive she will have an explanation for this.
I know some of her friends, and they are stellar indeed.
However, the people who work for her Magazine represent the magazine.
They represent HER too.
She has worked VERY hard to try and bring attention to the ills and irks of Manila 'society'.
And everyone knows that I am very proud of her for taking such a tough stand.
Her items are only blind, because she STILL has to live in Manila.
And I mean LIVE.
Because Manila is 'cowboy country'.
Giddi-up Y'all!

This story below makes Metro Society look, REALLY bad indeed.

Do these two jack- asses from Metro Society NOT read her back page?

If anyone
was actually called poor at this gathering,
I find that shocking and sad.
Especially because they work for Metro Society.

And whoever said it should be strung up by his balls in the middle of the island.
And taunted by the poor!

Enough said.


Pendletom; Your Clique Hit The Roof

My visit to Boracay last week was, if I may say, rather enlightening. With the warm Bora sun peering through the clear afternoon sky, I decided to walk the eight kilometer stretch of the island with my good buddy Raul J. Teehankee. The cerulean waves gently lapping on Bora’s pristine white sands made our repartee oddly heartening (everyone acquainted with us knows how off-putting we can be to each other, but of course this is just carino brutal on our part).

Indeed this island paradise can do mysterious things!

The beautiful backdrop along the powdery shores during our lengthy saunter helped make the trek an effortless one. Quite dehydrated, however, after our journey, we ended up in a hotel’s watering hole somewhere in Station 1. This delectable pitstop happens to be owned by a good friend of ours from Los Angeles. He generously offered us a drink and Mojitosnt> became our choice of intoxicating nectar. Concocted to fabulous perfection, the much-needed libation gave us a lugubrious buzz to cap off our excursion.

Conversation ensued and soon our chat shifted from one topic to another until we ended up discussing the articles written by a glossy contributor, Constance Brooke Pendelton. Tongue in cheek, this writer remarkably yet not-so-bravely (since his John Hancock is but a mere penname) chronicled the “ills” of “high society”;
exposés were indeed an eye-opener for some and a bitter slap in the face to those affected by them.

Personally, I think he did the Lord’s work in his articles; a mordant instrument of social change.

My comrades and I were all praises for Constance Brooke Pendelton’s commentaries, until a flustering episode took place after our second round of drinks. Lo and behold, Pendelton’s clique showed-up - loud, definitely intoxicated and slurring in incoherent Spanglopino (broken Spanish, English and Filipino). The whole episode was pitifully gauche for these so-called “socialites” as they proceeded to our table and intruded our conversation. Nonetheless, they were quite entertaining at first so we decided to tolerate their monkeyshines.

Their theatrical spectacle straight from Rizal’s El
Filibusterismo unbelievably flashed through our eye sockets; the two male Dona Victorinas began a supercilious banter of unctuous sycophancy which was a failed mimicry of the illustrados of yore; their conversation filled with anti-poor innuendos.

Pendelton’s skipper then made beso
beso to Raul Teehankee and then to me. Suffering his artificial terms of endearment, I cinched a smile in gratitude but at this point we really wanted them to leave our table already. Still slurring in Spanglopino, the aged silver-fox pointed his finger to my friend Raul T. and said; “YOU’RE POOR!” Then he fixed his ominous gaze at me and repeated the same. Later, the two aged Victorinas began to brag about their fat pay-checks for every “proletariat” to hear.

GEEZ! At this point, we just had enough of their shenanigans and incendiary malice toward the downtrodden, and so, we said our goodbyes to our friend from L.A. I told him that he should be thankful for having so many “big spenders” in his luxurious hotel. He nodded and smirked but could not mouth me an answer. WTF! Words were not needed, I could read his mind – at least he could expect a “favorable” write up in the glossy pages sometime soon from that particular clique. As Kris would say, “Deal or No Deal!”

Ah, so much for the
class Nouveauxont pauvres!

In the final analysis, how can a social poseur maintain an extravagant lifestyle with the mere income of an artisan? They become COLUMNISTS, baby!



My researcher (thats me) has uncovered these tid- bits for your consumption.

Dozens of people want to know if Raul Teehankee is related to Pepper Teehankee.

Raul Teehankee is a good guy living a very simple (poor) lifestyle.
He is related to Mojo in a way.
He worked with the Department of Tourism for 20 years and lived a very honest life.
He is a top caliber photographer and photo-journalist.

He is the son of the former Chief Justice of the Philippines, Claudio Teehankee.
His brother is the Amb. to Geneva, Manuel Teehankee...

He is very-very distantly related to PEPPER of GG.


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