01 April 2008

Bloggers Unite...... Bless My Readers

This blog has come full circle.
In a short period of time.
Its amazing for me.

Even though I have yet to get my money back,
my other objective has been met.
Everyone knows that DJ Montano scammed me for 70,000 dollars.
I have the proof.

The blog has been a surprise sensation.
For all of us.
The first television interview aired tonight.
The response has been huge.
Thank you for the support.

I have been contacted by bloggers all over the world.
We are all amazed at the growth of my blog.
It proves so many things about humanity as a whole.
We protect each other when we see a wrong being done.
We rally around the helpless, defenceless and scared.
People frightened by others.
Scared into submission.

Blogging will help change that.
It already has.
But it will only get bigger and better.
Information is the key to the future.
Newspapers will vanish soon.
As they should.

Bloggers have really gathered around me these past few weeks.
I owe them so much.
Their advice. The endless encouragement.
Their links. The help.

The exposure of my story on television has given my experience validity and the credibility it deserves.

Thank you ABS/CBN for looking closely at my facts and acting accordingly.

Being interviewed was strange.
But the film crew was beautiful and made the entire thing very easy.
I am a very private person.
But I am happy with the outcome.
Gigi was VERY good to me, as was her assistant.
Thank you Gigi for treating this story with respect and consideration.

I am overwhelmed by my fellow bloggers.
I have to keep saying it.
I know how hard they worked to get the word out regarding my plight.
Thank you very much.

Bloggers unite!
Safety in numbers.

No more anonymous comments.
Be counted please.

I will go to jail. NOT YOU!

Bloggers are changing the face of the world.
Blogs are a very real alternative to traditional forms of media.
We go to them for information.
We decide what we will take away as truth.
What is deception.

We have entered a new world.
A much more open world.
More inclusive.
Less oppressive.

We all have opinions.
We all need to be heard.
Blogging offers anyone with access to a computer the opportunity to put their message out into cyberspace.

So people like DJ Montano have to be careful now.

Because you never know when when someone will start a blog on you.
If you deserve one.

So keep your noses clean.
Treat others with respect and dignity.
Love your neighbours.
Respect your friends and lovers.
Don't steal.
Don't cheat.
Try not to lie.

Because no one deserves it.
No one deserves to lose everything at the hands of your boyfriend.
And nowadays, you could just wake up one morning and your dirty laundry is all over the Internet.

On a blog.
A blog about you.

So be good.

DJ, you still owe me 70,000 dollars.
When are you going to give it back?

No more anonymous posts.
Leave your name.
Its private.
I have the courage.
So should you.

More posts tomorrow.
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