13 May 2010

BLOOD on Who's Hands?

DJ would never discuss his family with me.
And I remember this as being so strange,
because I talk about my family the time.
Both the good and the bad.

But there is one thing that always troubled me.
He changed his story a few times about his fathers murder.
He could not keep track of his lies.
Told me the Marco's killed his father.

Then a street gang.

Because you see,

DJ's father's death is as mysterious as Joel Tantoco's death.
To many people, this is STILL an unsolved murder.

Some of the Montanos have a sneaky suspicion that DJ's
mother Auring Montano had a hand in the death of the dad.

DJ's dad was the only child of Governor Montano.

Auring (aka Aurora) was rumored to be an employee of the rich Montano clan. In fact, there are strong rumors that she was "house help".

(Why? Because people would often notice how she would mangle the
english language every time she'd open her provincial mouth.)

I spoke to Aurora as well on two occasions
Well, I was actually threatened by her.
Scared the heck out of me.
She threatened to have me deported on the basis of my HIV status.

Anyway, DJ's father impregnated her and so they had to get married.
I smell TRAPPED!

VERY much to the disappointment of Governor Montano's wife.

Aurora's future mother in law was

A couple years later....
Story goes that DJ's dad would always beat Aurora Monano up.
To a pulp I was told by an intimate family insider.
Literally punch her in the face in drunken rages.
Maybe he deserved to die?
Who knows?

One time, when the family was living in the United States,
DJ's mother Aurora had to call the police because she was beaten up black and blue.
When they went back to the Philippines in the 1980s because DJ's mom couldn't take it anymore.

It was rumored that the black widow Auring Montano had someone kill DJ's father.
And that the mastermind was somebody having an affair with DJ's mom.
Benjie Laurel.

It was no secret at the time that DJ's mother was having a long term affair with Laurel.
DJ is a cheater too, just like his mother.
But we all know that now.

This is one of the reason why Delfin is such a troubled person.

One of the reasons.
There are many others.
We'll get to them as well.
In time.

Too many skeletons in that family closet.
It's rattling with bones and evil spirits.
It must be purged for the good of all.

How about Senator Montano who is DJ's great grandfather?

Crazy bastard.

That's another story.

He wasn't called a warlord for nothing.

He's the only Senator on record who slapped another Senator on the Senate floor.

This I find amazing because DJ lifted his hand to me once and screamed,


I laughed out loud and Montano was actually shocked.
I screamed back that I was a
And then I pushed him against the wall as he was blocking my way up the stairs.
He was SHOCKED to the core because I'm very strong.
I wanted to punch him in the face, but I didn't.
But I wanted to.

Auring (DJ's mom) was in the news a few years back when she tried to broker a government deal which would have earned her a
HUGE amount in kickbacks. This was the PEA-Amari Land Scam. She was the subject of an investigation in the Philippine Senate in 1996.

Read about the government scam DJ's mom was involved in
atthe website of the Philippine Center for
InvestigativeJournalism a@

Aurora Montano SCAMMER

It's all quite fascinating.
Powerful people
fleecing The Philippines.
Over and over and over again.
It makes me sick to my guts.
Poor people
EVERYWHERE, and all they do is line theor pockets.
Over and over again.

The poor stay poor.

And the rich get filthy.

Filthy Rich.

When you read the article, you will see the hand of DJ's uncle Bobby Montano and DJ's mom, Auring "Aurora" Montano.

They were caught red-handed trying to
skim off the Filipino taxpayers with Billions of Pesos.
They were, of course, caught and the deal did NOT
push through. But because of their connections, they
were not criminally charged.


The failed PEA-Amari Land Scam was supposed to be
DJ's mom's ticket to big money as the Montano family
left her nothing when DJ's dad died. Unfortunately,
the deal never materialized.

At present, DJ's mom is a small-time land developer in Cavite.

The land that she is now developing is the very same land where her compound is located (in the outskirts of Tanza, Cavite).

Her compound is called
BONITO DEL MAR (which in Spanish means "Beautiful Place by
the Sea").

I have a feeling this is where DJ is currently hiding.
DJ's mom now makes a living selling lots in her
BONITO DEL MAR compound notwithstanding the fact that the compound is NOT beside the coastline of Tanza, Cavite but rather beside a very small stagnant creek (talk about truthfulness in advertising).

DJ's mom is, of course, now the girlfriend of
Benjie Laurel -- a great grandson of a former President and Supreme Court Justice, a grandson of a former Speaker of the House of
Representatives, and a nephew of a former Vice-President.

Benjie Laurel used to be the best friend of DJ's dad when they were growing up.

The lawyer that DJ is presently using (that Mr. Oliveros who sent me an e-mail) was given to
him by Benjie Laurel. Mr. Oliveros is a lawyer connected to the Laurel Law Office.

De javu!

DJ is a really troubled person. The "GG" is actually composed of very troubled persons. They should all get professional help. There are very good psychiatrists in Manila.

Please make an appointment DJ.

Pay UP!
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