07 April 2008

BACK Under Your Toadstool!

During the night, my computer was hacked into.
I am writing this from the library in my little town.

You see, whoever is doing this to me can destroy my personal belongings.
You can put me further into debt.
You can pay hackers money to try and shut me up.
You can spread lies about me.
Besmirch my good name.
Nothing matters to me anymore.
I am as tough as shoe leather.

I will fix my computer today.
Until then, I will post from town.
Its worth the petrol money.

NOTHING will stop me from continuing with my blog.
This blog is becoming crucial to my health.
I am battling for balance.
My money.

Celine, you are a pathetic person.
DJ, you are evil.
I know you are behind this.
One of you is.
Your the only one with money Celine.
And DJ is a tech whiz himself.
And I know this is just a game for you.
But the stakes are getting higher, because
every time I am set back.

I get really pissed.

Until my computer is fixed, I will only be able to post twice a day.
I will also include a short video blog update.
But I will shave first.

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