01 April 2008

The World Tonight /Good Times Magic 89.9 DWTM

More of my interview will be on The Word Tonight airing 10:30pm Manila time.
I will be a guest on Good Times Magic 89.9 tomorrow morning.

The show airs from 6am until 9am Manila time.
I am going to try to be on as early as I can.
7:30 Manila time.
Try to listen

Breakfast radio.
I love it.
I hope they are good to me.

I am looking forward to this very much.

Because my message is clear.
It remains the same.
I am not off topic.
More determined then ever.

I will continue to bring attention to this blog.
With the help of many others.

And my efforts to move on with my life.

After DJ pays me back.

Not a minute before.
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