04 April 2008

Here Kitty Kitty.... Purr....Purrrrrrrrr..Here Kitty Go

FYI readers, click the play button to start.

Thank you Kitty.
For your support and encouragement.
You are a superstar.
Classy to the max.
They can all take a note from your book.
And learn what REAL integrity is.
You have always had it in abundance Kitty.

I respect Kitty.
I have read both of her books.
She is a trail blazer.
There is no question.
She deserves much respect.
Witty and clever indeed.

Not just because she has commented on my plight,
but because she is honest and truthful.
Two things sorely missing in 'high' society.

Wake up people!
Your in Manila, NOT Milano
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