08 April 2008

HIV/AIDS Awareness Campaign

This morning I was on Magic 89.9 again.

I was able to discuss some important issues.
Like the Philippines justice system, or lack thereof.
As well as the donations that have come to the blog.
It was all very informing.
I loved it even though I am SO nervous when its time to talk.
Talking about my HIV on the radio is easier then I thought it would be.
Thanks everyone for putting me at ease.
I feel so alive today.
Fresh and ready for the next chapter.

Its all about information.
Its the key to a fine life and a good healthy mind.
We must NEVER stop learning about things we know little about.

Kitty Go will be on tomorrow.
I wanted to be on with her.
So much.
We have become confidants as it were.

But I'm afraid that pretty Kitty needs her own spotlight.
She deserves it too, as she has done so much more then me.
Love Kitty. She is a real go- getter.
I am proud to be affiliated with her, in any capacity.
Have fun tomorrow Kitty.
They are great people to chat with.

And Mo IS gorgeous. But Mojo is a cutie too!
Thanks for the donation Mo.
Your very sweet. If I ever get to Manila again (which lets face it is 'high'ly unlikely), I would like to meet you all.

We were also able to talk about current event and topics pertaining to the blog.
The police snatching me from my hotel.
Whether or not DJ Montano will EVER pay me back the money he STOLE from me.
We covered a lot of things.

I will post the interview later today.

And I got to speak to Bianca whom I adore. That was a bonus indeed.

I can talk about certain things forever.
Like my deep passion for the Philippines and its people.

And my overwhelming desire and need to transform the flow on information about HIV/AIDS in the country.
If your government won't educate the masses, I will.
As much as I can with my little blog.
I don't blame these innocent people for their lack of information afforded to them by their government on this VERY important issue.
I blame the government.
Its cheap not to educate.
Who cares about the poor.
Leave them be.
Fuck the poor.

But even well educated people there live in the dark ages when it comes to HIV/AIDS awareness.
I want to change that.
Every human being deserves dignity.

I was told MANY times NOT to tell anyone about my status.
This devestated me.
I was NOT used to keeping things secret.
Its too much of a burden.
On anyone.

Why are there so many people in the Philippines who STILL believe you can get HIV/AIDS through 'touching'.
It truly is a horrible situation.
Sharing a glass with someone. People STILL believe you can get AIDS thorough sharing.
And wrong.

There is NO excuse for this.


HEALTH is an enormous issue in the Philippines.

Who can afford to go to the doctor and get tested for HIV?
How much does it cost?

How many other things come before a persons own 'private relationship' with their health?
Food, load, transport costs, bills, children, parents and the list goes on forever.

NOTHING should stand in the way a ANY person wanting to know about their personal health.

An HIV test should be afforded to EVERY person who thinks they may have put themselves at risk.
EVERYONE should have an HIV test.

I have been contacted by MANY (hundreds) of people with HIV.
I will not ignore the pleas from people for more information.
I just can't.

This issue is MUCH bigger then the GG.
Or DJ.
Or Celine.
Or Tim.

Its OUR issue.
Let's work together to fix it.
You ALL deserve the correct facts and figures.
How many people in the Philippines have HIV?
Take a wild guess.

The ignorance in the Philippines about the subject of HIV/AIDS is both shocking and disgusting.
Homophobia is disgusting. In all forms.
I have tolerated the homophobia on this blog because of my 'fair and balanced ' approach.
But it secretly makes me crazy.
It has reduced me to tears.
But those tears will not be wasted.
There is no excuse for the intolerance that is EVERYWHERE, throughout ALL classes in the Philippines..
It must stop.

My new passion is for a my HIV/AIDS Information is Knowledge Campaign which I have only just begun working on.
It will be launched nation wide in the Philippines.
I am going to do something great with my life.
HIV will not kill me.
But the ignorance will.

Its actually taking up a lot of time. The research is difficult and time consuming.
But I am more determined then ever to do good with this blog.
I am working with some people in New York.
I am also working with some people in Manila.
I feel a keen connection to my readers.
My desire to do something is good and great.
I owe it to myself and others, to do good for many.
In the Philippines.

This is VERY rewarding.

Being HIV positive and alive.
Free to express my self.
Love and be loved.

Blessing for you all.
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