29 April 2008

Ma Ma Ma Ma Maurice......Arcache

I have received
many e mails regarding people, mentioned in this tip off.
One in particular keeps popping up. 
Dozens of times.
DJ idolized this much 
older social figure on the Manila social 'society' scene.
He has never been mentioned before in this blog.
Until now.
Because I worried for his
Poor dear.
He is THAT old.
Maurice Arcache.

Dj told me a story one night.
He has VERY loose lips, our DJ.
It went like this.

While staying at Nami during one of his many,
many free- bee weekends on Boracay (courtesy of Tina 'Ton' Tinio no doubt), he found himself being a 'walker' of sorts. For this old guy, Maurice.
This poor old Maurice guy who is apparently a ' icon? ' in the Manila social society whirl. A hurricane of sorts. He is, and has been, a shameful perpetrator of all things wrong with 'high' society in Manila, as well. For literally DECADES
An absolute coke head. 
Retire old man.

Apparently, Maurice, was so smashed on booze and cocaine on this night, he could hardly stand. Let alone walk, without aid.

I've seen him in action out and about the few times DJ took me with him to functions.
Maurice is at EVERY event.
I swear he has an embalming tube hidden somewhere in his arm.
He looks preserved.
He looks like a wax work.

Poor Maurice was always wrecked when I saw him, and looked like death with all that make up he wears. Like Liberace.
This is one guy who really needs to lay down.
For the next ten years.
He is the Lolo of ex-deals indeed.
DJ was asked to escort him to the TOP of Nami where his room was located.
WHY would they put such an old man at the top of their 'resort' is beyond me.
So DJ tells me this ancient geriatric guy  is so wasted, he had to stop on every level on the way up, for a bump of coke.
Just so he could reach the next level.
DJ told me the old guy tried to make advances on him when they reached the top.
Pulled his knob out DJ told me.
DJ told me he
politely declined.
Did you really decline DJ?
Or did you have a nibble?
The trip up took about an hour to the top.
Sherpas on Mount Everest get to the peak faster. 
Maurice is another unfortunate carbuncle on Manila's flabby underbelly.
He MUST be scraped off once and for all.
Rest old man.
No more surgery!

Viagra anyone?

To the readers (same few losers I believe) who are sending in, lists of questions for me to answer in the comments section.
Nice try.
Read my blog.
Its all there.
You can't deny it,
so suck it hard.
I have proven everything already!
DJ Montano stole my money.
He had no intention of opening our business's with me.
None whatsoever.
It was all a big bunch of lies.
He took my money and spent it on other things.
Disasters from his past, that I had NOTHING to do with.

Is it fair that he should escape this with everything, and I am left with nothing?
If you think it is, well I pity your lack of humanity.
Plus, you will go to hell.
And because of DJ's blatant deception, I am demanding my money back.
Is that wrong?
Am I wrong to fight?
For my future?
For my health?
I made my money honestly, and he scammed it from me dishonestly.
I wonder if any of the people writing this hate to me, have ever even lost such an amount. I wonder what they would do. You have never even had that much money, I'm sure!
So piss off.
Terrorizing the victim is not really good karma for you doubter.
Trust me.
I was scammed by the pro.
Delfin Justiniano Ocampo Montano II.
He has scammed MANY other people.
Even dead people.
Therefore I have every right to ask for my investment back.
Considering it was a sham/scam for day one.
Don't forget doubter, I am the victim of one very clever Pinoy.
And there is MORE to come
Proof and revelations.
No one is safe.
The whole thing is coming down.
So you hear me all you DJ lovers?
And tell your 'boss man' to pay me back!
Ahhhh, that's right........
suck it.
This Montano clan has been caught lying dozens of times.
Aurora should.. really be in jail.
Its their turn to answer questions.
Good day doubter.
I'm done with your kind now.
Go get a REAL job DJ.
And you losers who are trying to muddy the waters of my blog.
My true supporters will never leave me. So I don't care.
It just spices up the blog. Thank you haters for keeping the blog going with your ignorance and sheer stupidity.
I know my blogs content. Every post. All two hundred of them!
I am MORE  confident then ever, that the responsibility is now on DJ to show everyone, what he did with my 70,000 dollars.
I have proven over and over again, that I sent the money. Now DJ Montano has to prove what he did with it.
Show the lease DJ (Your lease by the way, as my name is on nothing, right DJ?), and the bills that you paid. Show everyone DJ, YOUR proof. Show them you filthy little liar.
You thief.
You will NEVER divert me from my course doubters.
I have TRUTH on my side.
And all you have is bitterness and lies.
Because I am telling on you.
And you hate me for it.
Whistle blower.
But you see doubter, I care VERY MUCH about the Filipino people, not you.
You have been naughty.
Not me.
So fuck off, away from my blog.
70,000 dollars
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