06 April 2008

SMACK DOWN? Maybe Not!


I have it on Very good authority that my personal BLOG might be shut down very soon.

Maybe tonight. I don't know.

Please believe me when I say from the bottom of my heart, a million times, how grateful I am.

I just want every single person, especially Filippino people, to know how truly thankful I am for all of your support.

I am pleading to Google NOT to close my blog.

Free speech must NOT been trampled on.

My blog has VALIDITY and a PURPOSE.

I am begging Google NOT to submit to the pressure from Manila's society figures.

I know who is trying to destroy me and I am scared.

They will NEVER succeed. I will fight for my rights.

I will chronicle everything, maybe someday I will write a book.

I will STILL be on the radio on Wednesday 7 30 am on Magic 89.9


Delfindjmontano.blogspot.com users come from these countries:

Philippines 78.6%
United States 6.8%
Singapore 3.1%
United Arab Emirates 1.9%
Canada 1.3%
Malaysia 0.8%
Italy 0.7%
Qatar 0.6%
Australia 0.5%
Thailand 0.5%
Hong Kong 0.4%
Japan 0.4%
United Kingdom 0.4%
Kuwait 0.4%
Macao 0.3%
Netherlands 0.2%
Germany 0.1%
Taiwan 0.1%
South Korea 0.1%
France 0.1%
Saudi Arabia 0.1%
China 0.1%
Indonesia 0.1%
Other countries 2.4%

More delfindjmontano.blogspot.com traffic rank...

Philippines 246
United Arab Emirates 7,440
Singapore 7,820
Qatar 8,340
Macao 15,659
South Korea 22,854
Kuwait 23,140
Malaysia 28,103
Hong Kong 30,135
Australia 31,344
Saudi Arabia 33,091
Thailand 33,925
United States 35,737
Canada 37,166
Italy 48,879
Netherlands 55,685
Japan 64,305
Taiwan 68,774
United Kingdom 130,399
Indonesia 135,278
China 253,468
Germany 260,318
France 318,102
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