14 April 2008

To My Homophobic Haters.... GAY IS OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To all homophobic haters on my blog.
You only make me stronger with your comments.
I am having the last laugh at you haters.
And the doubters too.
I will always have the last laugh.
Truth ALWAYS prevails.
You are all empowering me to continue on, until people like you haters, are eradicated from the earth forever.

I am a gay man.
A solid proud happy lively honest gay man.


Please don't forget haters, that God created me and every other human being on our glorious planet.
God wanted me to be gay.
He made me gay.
He made me strong enough from birth to deal with all the haters throughout my wonderful life.

HE made ME strong.
HE made haters weak.
God is super smart.
I have been abused by people before.
I am almost forty.
Abused for being a gay man.
I am tougher then the haters though.
They will NEVER prevail over my strength of character and 'newly acquired' wisdom.
God made me divine.
And so I shall be.

People who are homophobic have just not fully evolved into human beings.
We have to have pity on them.
So much pity.

We must feel sorry for them and their ignorant hatred in their hearts towards gays and lesbians and trans- gender people.
But we must fight them too. Fight them hard and forever.
Beat the bastards down.
I have let the hateful comments through, because I thinks its important for you to see what I get from people.
Hate kills.
HIV does NOT.
Being gay does not.
But hate does.

Our God did not create you haters, to be evil.
But you are evil and will go straight to hell.
You took His precious 'gift' of life and wasted it all with hatred towards his other children.
You will pay one day.

God will address all of our actions and behaviours, at those Pearly Gates in HEAVEN.

But don't worry you haters. Because you are going to hell.
Where you can party with your new boyfriend DJ.

Later today I am posting something really special for DJ and his family.
I will chronologically detail my time in the Philippines.
And I will be posting my bank deposits to DJ.
I sent this money to him, many months before moving to the Philippines.
For our business's.
People who think I lived the 'high'life on BOracay are living in another world.
The money I sent DJ was NEVER for my personal expenditure.
I used my ATM card for ALL of my money and bills on Boracay..
I will also proves that I HAD A CREDIT CARD ALWAYS at my disposal in case of emergencies.
DJ wanted cash advances from my card, but I did NOT have that facility.

He wanted cash from everywhere.
My head was spinning at one point.
I have had a credit card for OVER 20 years.
It is a joint card that my ex business partner let me keep for emergencies abroad.
The only reason I could NOT use them, is because they were 'joint business credit' cards.
I promised to use them only in emergency.
I hate credit cards.
Our rules are VERY strict with credit cards here in Australia.
I had a limit with my credit card for years for security. Its was thousand dollars.
Never more.
I always pay with cash.
Ask DJ.
I had my card copied in a restaurant once, and over three grand was charged to me.
But I did not have to pay.
Thank goodness.

I have a AAA credit rating in the FOUR countries where I have resided.
I got my own credit card before moving to the Philippines in August. Upon DJ's insistence.
I had a credit card the entire time I lived there on the island.
I cancelled it upon my return home to Australia.
That is why I could not use Paypal if I wanted to either.
So suck it DJ.
And my doubters.
DJ is a Liar.
And my doubters are becoming fewer and fewer.
Mostly just hateful homophobes who want me dead.

All gay men and lesbians in the Philippines should know and protect themselves against these hideous creatures.
I will always try to bring attention to the 'archaic' attitude in the Philippines towards the Gay, Lesbian and Trans- gender community.

I know there are millions of people who are OK with homosexuality.
For those of you who are not, who gives YOU the right to questions Gods creation.
Crawl back under your rock.

I am GAY and I would never want to be anything else.
I LOVE being gay.
My mother LOVES her gay son.
Everyone loves this gay.
You could NEVER beat me down.

I am a man.
You haters, are nothing.

Its the gays and lesbians and every other person who battles against the 'status quo' that keeps the world spinning on its axis.

We should be thanked, not pillared.
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