13 April 2008

I'm Sorry... THIS IS WAR!

There is one thing I feel I have to clear up today.
Because, it's making me furious inside.
DJ is making so much of this shit up.
As he goes along, dragging his family along for the ride.
He has had too much time to create his stories.
They all have.
Which pisses me off.
Some people believe them.

I have no family here, so I can't cart mine out for the sympathy vote.
Like DJ did.
Coward can't face the music like a man.
He may be a brother.
He may be a son.
But he is not a man.
Not at all.

He is a master at this game of make believe and trickery.
Like his mother.
Twisting the truth to suit him and his greedy tendencies.
Being pedantic with the facts.
His dreamed up facts.
Every word is a lie.
Clever and crafted from years of experience.

DJ Montano DID steal my passport along with many other things from my hotel room.
Before the police showed up, I was waiting for DJ. I assumed he had gone off to let off some steam.
I had only noticed the empty safe when I went to get my ipod.

The safe was completely empty.
He took everything.

So when the police showed up I started to insist that they check DJ for the things he had stolen.
I also demanded that they search his car and home.

Inside, I was in a wild panic.
Without a passport, I am fucked.
You can't be without the passport that you gained entry with in the Philippines.
I heard someone say the word Embassy and it all became terrifying.

He took so many things from me on his last dash.
This included my money from the safe.
He ripped off almost 250,000 peso's on his way out the door.
Only the day before I had sent money from Australia.
Another 250,000.
In two days, he got 500,000 peso's

At the Makati police station, I was freaking out.
The ENTIRE contents of my safe had been robbed.
And my ex boyfriend and business partner was the bloody robber.
My business partner.
DJ Montano.

DJ is VERY smart though.
Sociopath in fact.
He should be a case study.
Studied at Universities.

He KNEW I would accuse him of stealing my things,
once it was apparent to me that he was trying to have me deported on a trumped up charge.
And I began to yell theft.
I screamed it.
I was in a movie.

A really bad B movie.

I was never even charged that night.
Not even close.
The whole thing was a bloody farce.
It took about twenty people in total to deal with this minor argument between a couple.
The police seemed fascinated by the whole thing.

The whole night was an abuse of the police system by one of the worst citizens of the Philippines.
Because I did NOTHING wrong.
And they knew it from the start.

This 'charge' that DJ talks of, was NEVER filed (and still has not been filed) against me, until DJ realised I was NOT going away.
Three months later, he started to threaten me. He used even more connections during this time to re- ignite this claim against me.

There is no 'mild' assault case.
The whole thing is a fraud.
He wanted me out of the country, so he would NEVER have to deal with me.
Or ever pay back the money.

How can the police charge someone with something that occurred many months prior?
And what actually occurred was far from an assault.
I would have been charged if the police thought I had indeed assaulted DJ.
But I was not.
It is so fucked up.
Money talks.
And bullshit walks.
And DJ walked.

He actually FLED the police station on the night of the incident,
because the police were going to search him and his vehicle.
Marcel also knew I was telling the truth that night.
But he did not help me get my money back, afterwards.
And he should have.
But even he told me to walk away and start over.
FUCK that!
Easy for you to say money bags.
DJ left me broke.

The police knew I was innocent.
I told them the whole truth.
DJ lied.
He lied to Celine too. All night.
Their whole friendship was a joke.
Two coke heads enabling one another.
Drama lovers.
He must have lied to Celine often, because she was trying her hardest to help him destroy my life that night.
I was told she made a joke about me committing suicide in jail.
The thought of who would come to get me apparently tickled her funny bone.
Is this true Celine?
I don't even think you are capable of saying such a thing.
But the problem is dear, my source is solid.
You said it.

Send me an e mail Celine if you did not say that.
Let's have a chat.

DJ only tried reviving the 'charges' because it's all he had to punish me with, for telling others about what he had done to me.
He has gone about this in a corrupt way as well. People doing favours for his mother. Again.
She should be in jail.
Prison is too good for her.
She trashed me and she is the criminal.
SHE is the one who was caught red handed with her hands in the piggy bank.
The countries piggy bank.


They are bluffing about everything.
These Montano's.
They say they don't know me.
Poor Weenie.
She looked terrified on television.
How could you put your family through that Delfin?
The shame you must wrestle with at night.
Before you down your four sleeping tablets.

This family will NOT spend money to help DJ at the end of the day.
They are so wrapped up in court with dear Uncle Bobby, it would be years before they could do anything in my country.
And besides, I am ready for anything they have to bring me here.
He is on his own here in Australia.

Of course they all went on television to save face, but I know the truth.
They are broke.
Why ,oh why did they wait so long?
They hoped I would go away.
They prayed I'm sure.
"Christian" Aurora Montano.
Makes me laugh.
Such a hated woman now.
because you did the wrong thing.
If you truly loved your children, you would have prevented this from going so far.
But you are a bad mother.

The Montano family is currently being 'propped' up by other family members and loans from relatives, including Benj's relatives.
I have an inside 'family member' source.
And she is never wrong.
I know it all now.
I feel like a detective.
Inspector Gorrell.

They have actually never been wealthy.
Stolen money maybe, but rarely earned.
Only ill gotten gains from the countries coffers pass through those accounts.
Like so many others like them.
Peasant elites.
They think they are better then you.
And you.
And you.
And yes, you too!

When I demanded that DJ be checked by the police, he turned around and demanded that we go back to the hotel room and look for my passport which he had taken from the safe on his way out the door.

"I am a Montano", he said to the Sargent. I heard that before.
One of the police asked him about his grandfather. They had a chat.
All very nice while I was crapping my pants.
What chance did I have against that.
AND Celine?
DJ was adamant that we check my hotel room for the items I accused him of thieving.
Even then I did not smell a rat.
I was still in complete and utter shock.
DJ had morphed into another person. Someone I had never met before.

Upon returning to the hotel, the police began to check my room for for the passport that I had claimed DJ has taken.
I thought it was ironic that they were searching my room and DJ is the thief.
I just could not believe it.

They checked everywhere, the whole time DJ was watching.
They checked under the bed, the pillow cases. Everywhere.
I kept saying, you won't find what DJ stole.
He was pale as a ghost.
Nervous but determined to do me much harm.
I could see it in his eye's. His tongue was darting around his mouth.
I am sure he was on coke.
He went out to Celine's Hummer a few times.
I know he was snorting lines.
Or having bumps.
He was fucked.

He looked like a zombie.
He takes these little pills that are strong relaxers.
Anxiety pills.
You need them DJ!
I don't.
I wonder why?

I was sitting at the desk in the hotel room trying to contact friends on the computer as DJ had also stolen my phone.
DJ, contrary to what you keep professing, you are a thief mate. I have no reason to make this up. I still can't believe it happened to me.
I am going to tell everything DJ.
And the whole world now knows, NEVER to trust you with a single peso.
And never leave your hand bag around or wallet.
Because he has a tendency to pinch a couple thou here and there when you are not looking.
Right DJ?

Are you still working for the DOT?
Because you know I am contacting them to tell them about Montage Travels.
(This was the second business that DJ invented to scam me). I sent about 20,000 dollars for this one.
I was going to run the travel company and DJ was to run Bonza Restaurant at Greenbelt.
Celine, Marcel DJ and I were all investors.
They were to give 100,000 dollars.
DJ and I were to pony up 50,000 each.
And that is exactly how much I gave him for Bonza Restaurant.
50,000 dollars.
I wonder if the DOT knows there is a crook in the ranks.
A swindler.
Yes DJ, a thief.

A police man came and opened the drawers of the desk where I was sitting waiting for the charade to finally end and, he checked them, and closed them.
He checked all four. And then he walked away.

Just then, DJ jumped to attention and told the police man to check the drawers again.
The police man opened the drawers and started to look again. Just then, DJ told him to look under the bible.
He literally told the cop to check under the bible.
Where he in fact, placed my passport earlier in the day.

You are a thief DJ. You stole my passport from MY safe and hid it in my hotel room.
You hid it where you know I would never look.
Under the bible.
You think your clever DJ.
You are not.
I am telling people what you did to me.

They can believe whom ever they want.
I don't care anymore.
I am not going to fight your PR machine.
I have my blog.
And I will continue to fight.
Anyone who believes DJ or his family, I feel sorry for.
You are supping with the devil.

I am the truth DJ.
And you are just lies.

Low and behold, my passport was there.
But NOT my birth certificate or my baptism certificate.
Or my plane ticket.
Or my 250,000 pesos.
Or my brand new Yoji shoes.
Or my new clothes from Australia and my duty free.

OR my teeth whitening kit.
I know people laugh about the kit.
It was a special gift from my mother.
So sorry, if I'm pissed off it was stolen.
She paid a lot of money for it.
I feel bad about it.
Still. She only found out when she read the blog.

Your teeth did not look any whiter in television DJ.
Did you sell it on ebay to pay your driver?
Where is my stuff?
About four thousand dollars worth.

DJ planned the entire thing.
He is a scam artist.
He knew the gig was up for him that day in the hotel.
The fountain of cash was turned off.
He was tripping over his fables and tales.
He could not show me joint bank accounts when asked him to.
He could not show me ANY proof of where my 70,000 dollars had gone when he was asked.
I knew then it was gone.
All gone.

Of course I was angry.
Devastated actually.

He would NOT tell me where my 70,000 had gone.
Could not look at me.
Enter the altercation.
And DJ wanted me gone too.
Deported that very night.
I heard him ask the police if I will be deported.
DJ, you are pure EVIL.
He called Celine and Marcel and they made all the calls,
and boom, I was taken away by the police.
Just like that.
No warrant.
No warning.
Remember what I told you that night DJ?
I told you I would never let you get away with your devious plan.
And I stand true to my word.
Your life will never be the same again.
All for my life savings.
So sad for you.
Even more sad for me.
You creep.

So DJ is trying to tell people that the police found me to be lying.
DJ, the story is about to come out and you will be humiliated again.
By going on television with your family, you have opened it all up finally.
Thank you for validating my accusations and claims against you. And now your family.
I have no mercy for you now that you have told so many lies. Your entire family told lies.
I sent your sister 7000 dollars.
She can't remember 7000 dollars.
Yeah right!

The police knew all along what was going on.
They knew DJ was a crook.
The Sargent told me many times, that he knew what was going on.
I was still terrified though.
The guy was working the situation if you know what I mean.
It was easy to convince them of my innocence though.
I just screamed it out.
They could not ignore me.
I was very calm and knew I had to keep it together, however, I was up against the devil.
And at times, I was very angry.

They knew he stole all of my things, because I was so distraught.

But DJ went to them first with this bogus charge of 'mild' assault.
What the hell is that?
Totally planned.
They had to respond, didn't they?
When Celine showed up, I swear they were asking her for autographs.
What fucking chance did I EVER stand against the two of them.
The police were literally falling over themselves to get nearer to Celine.
I could not believe what I was seeing.
Stitched up by Montano.
And the Superstar.

DJ is also telling people that I hit him that night.
That is a bold faced lie.
You will find that at no time, did he EVER tell the police that I hit him.
He told them I grabbed his wrists as he continued to come forward at me.
He has raised the ante, because he was getting no traction with his original story.
All couple's have arguments.
So now, I have apparently hit him.
Completely fabricated.
I have never hit another human being.

DJ was the abusive one.
And yes he has a caustic temper that no one has seen except me and his ex boyfriends,
(most of whom have contacted me with sympathy).

Yes, he in fact, comes across as shy and timid.
Meek and mild.
It's all an act. He is tortured inside.
Most sociopaths and serial killers are timid and meek on the outside.

Until their door is closed. Then the real person comes out.
They know how to fool everyone.
He has been doing it for many years now.
He's a pro.
Like his mother.
I firmly believe that DJ has a severe mental illness.
Its called manic denial.

How else can you explain him humiliating his family in such a fashion.
His ego and pride will always stand in the way of him paying me back.
And his family which are his principle enablers, will suffer as a result.
Happy DJ?

How else can you explain his behaviour the night of the altercation?
He plans ahead. Like a chess player.
He is cunning.

So cunning.


I did remove the picture of DJ's niece.
I want it to be up because I am so angry at his sister.
I want to punish her.
I do NOT apologize for this.
If you had my weekend, you would be angry as well.

But you readers are correct.
It does not serve my purpose or goal.
Thank you for expressing yourselves.
I do listen.
And I do make mistakes.
But please stop picking on my writing. I am NOT a writer.
I am proud of my writing.
Even the mistakes.

Its all organic kids.
from the gut.
And I do NOT apologise for being angry at times.
I am bloody well angry.

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