17 May 2008

Comments Section Review Complete

Dear Readers and TEAM BRIAN and the Dark Side (please see above),

Taking a break from comments section has been wonderful for me.

Doing battle with the dark side is both exhausting and very draining emotionally.
For all of us, I suspect.
Them and us.

I'm alone here on the farm.
I need time without the stress of comments.
I needed to reboot.
Because no one hears you scream in the rain forest, except the dogs.
And the birds.
And they tire of the hysterics very quickly.

My emotional health is so important to me now.
My bags are almost packed.
This kid's jet is on the tarmac.
So to speak.
Toronto Canada, here I come.

It would be far too time consuming for me to go through all the comments and delete the hate.
It's what it is, readers.
It's the blog's journey.

But things have now changed on the blog.
I'll monitor and read every comment received.
This takes time, so be patient please.
I'll control the debate in the comments section.
There will be no in fighting or dragged out tit for tat discussions.
Please provide your e mail address and continue the warfare on your own time.
And people who spread hate behind anonymous tags will not appear.
The hate can be found elsewhere from now on.
My blog has to change.
And it has. From this day forward.

I look forward to reading more brilliance and common sense.
I would like people to contribute to the wider debate and comments will reflect that.
Let's let the world see how smart the Philippines really is.
And please, try to be funny if you can.
TEAM BRIAN, please help me.
Let people from all around the world know you're there.
I need my supporters to feel free again to leave their comments.
I know some were frightened away.
And quite frankly, I don't blame them.
But things have changed now.
I promise.

I have received many death threats.
The police suspect they are from the same person.
They started to happen the day after the Xeng Z post.
Lots of things started to happen after that post. Her monkeys are evil.
And I'm not even finished with Xeng yet.
So her stable of knuckle draggers should prepare for me.
And don't bother writing comments because you won't be published.

Thank you again to Google for helping me with these threatening e mails.
We have informed the police and will surrender my computer tomorrow for four hours.
A special forensic specialist is going to trace the death threats.
I have been informed and I will meet with them on Monday.
I take these threats very seriously.
And we are determined to find out who is writing them.
Pathetic animals.

We also have a permanent watch on another web site.
And we're going to find out who they are too.
And I will announce it on the blog. We already have some great leads.
At least I have the courage to identify myself.
Other are too afraid.
CC is a fraud.
He is so angry with the world because he has a very small penis, I'm sure.
Thumbelina Crank. Penis like a peanut.
I am free. Crank's in prison.
A jail cell created in his own sad, twisted, malnourished mind.
I win CC and the good side always will.

These haters are caged behind bars of fear and self loathing.
CC and the other dark side members are very poor examples of Filipinos.
But they have been pilloried already.
They all have welts across their backs because the great Maleficent fixed them real quick.
I can hear the poor dears whimpering now, tail between their legs, licking their wounds.
And BQ wants us to think she's female.
When we all know BQ has four legs and barks.
They have no voice now on my blog.
They have no voice, period.
Just a life of unemployment and cyber cafes for this lot.
Doing battle against a nice guy.
A battle I've already won in many ways.
I will still be mean from time to time, readers.
Don't worry. I've not changed.
This is my blog and I will say what I wish. Every single day.
But the comments section will change.
New rules.

My readers deserve this opportunity to put their views across.
Just like I do.
That's the point of this blog.
Good people deserve a voice here, unlike these yellow bellied liver eaters.

Bye bye, CC.

Enjoy your electric shock therapy.

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