19 May 2008

Dancing Around My Justice

Your ballroom dancing days are over now DJ mate. WHO on earth would dance with you now?

Boogie with a burglar?
Dance with the delinquent?
Vogue with a victimizer?
Swing with the swindler?

No way DJ.
But I'm sure your sisters will twirl you around from time to time, dear Delfin. Your family is so close. So tight. Birds of a feather.
Happy to see me broke. My savings tucked away safely in your guilt vault.

How can we take DJ to court when his lawyers will not answer our e mails?
DJ won't answer my lawyer's telephone calls.
Our e mails are not being answered.
They're avoiding us on purpose. We're being aggressive and they're not prepared for us. DJ thinks we're bluffing like he is.
They're only familiar with threatening people.
They're not used to people fighting back.

Where's the justice?

DJ must pay me back the money he owes me.
I'm terrified to come back to Manila, readers.
Why should I think or believe that I'll be treated properly in a court there if I were to sue DJ to recover my savings? He would fix the entire thing.

I've already read and heard shocking things about the disgraced Montano clan and the Philippines' justice(?) system. Just Google his grandfather and uncle. They were also crazy about the courts and threats. They loved to use them in order to settle scores with adversaries and enemies. And DJ would do the same.

Justice for me just won't happen in the Philippines. I feel it. My dear friends in Manila have all warned me to stay away.
I don't stand a chance. They know that and I know that.
DJ planned this whole thing because he knows the system.
DJ and his family are going to try and make millions of dollars by suing Google.
He's going to try and pull the biggest scam of all.
And he'll laugh at every Filipino like he always has.
And he will share nothing.
And snort everything.

Something is going to happen soon, readers, regarding my money.
It's just taking some time. But I am almost ready to pounce on DJ with the force of a hurricane.

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