20 May 2008

Dangerous Indeed

I e mailed the guy who created this clip.
And I ended up really liking him, although I don't know him personally. But he answered my e mail, and I asked his permission to put his clip on the blog. I love the drama of this clip.
And his e mails were very intelligent, understanding and supportive.
I like the questions he asks at the beginning. I am open to all points of views, as long as they have a point. I just hate how he calls me Gorrell though. I find it so harsh. Like I've done something wrong.

My name is Brian.
I am not the criminal here.
I am the victim. Please remember that.
DJ is the crook.

I can't understand the Tagalog in this clip but I don't have to, readers.
I get the premise.
I love both the original movie and its big star Glenn Close.
She is an amazing Broadway actress as well. Her take on Norma Desmond on Sunset Boulevard was extraordinary. You Tube it peeps.

My readers know that I have already donated 100% of my T shirt profits to charity.
I have also donated my AdSense revenue on the radio which was six hundred dollars.
I told my readers at the beginning of this blog that I am not in it to make money.

The Paypal is my private business. I have been very honest with my readers about everything on this blog.
People donate to my Paypal because they know what I have been through.
They know I have suffered because of my experience.
They know how hard it is to start completely over.
Before DJ, I HAD money.
I had enough money to move to Canada and start a new life with no worries. I had time to look for my new job. I had time to explore a new career.
But DJ stole that time from me.
And I am super pissed.

I have raised A6000 dollars on my Paypal. My last donation was eight days ago.
And that was for four dollars. And I think that is beautiful.
My love to the person who donated.
And to all the people who have donated to my blog.
Thank you for your help.
It will make the next few weeks so much easier for me.

So you see, readers, people donate if they want. People are not pressured to donate.
This is only the fourth time I've mentioned Paypal.
I only have one button. Other sites have many buttons.
And they are HUGE buttons, placed in between each post.
Mine is the smallest available and it's very subtle.
I have no problem with my Paypal button.
Some resent me for it. I don't care.
You are not me.
And I am not you.

Please donate to my Paypal if you want to. Don't donate if you don't want to.
Either way, I'll find the money I need to get the job done.
Imagine me peeps, managing a Starbucks in Toronto?
If they take HIV positive people, I might just do that.
I need to work immediately.
Like the day I arrive.
Thanks DJ.
You were such a great boyfriend.
Evil little prick.

.........and this blog is about to explode.
Timing is everything, readers.
The Art of War.
Read it.

Some readers are telling me the blog is getting boring.
It's not getting boring, no matter how many times you say it.
This blog keeps me on my toes everyday, readers. To me, the blog is exciting because we never know what will be on it from day to day.
It's organic, like me.

We all feel differently every day, readers.
And this blog is different every single day.
I have nearly 250 entries already.
They all can't be the same.
They all can't be boring.
Many people like the blog. They visit it daily.
It's wonderful.

And my loyal readers know that I have been left with nothing because of DJ Montano. My life here on the farm has always been a temporary one.

If people want to give to my Paypal, readers, they have their reasons for it.
Like I had my reasons to give DJ my money.
It's because I believed in him.
I believed in us.
And people who donate to my blog do so because they believe in me.
And I believe in them.

I've never been a 'kept person' in my life.
The notion is silly. It's rude for anyone to suggest this, as it's complete rubbish.
I was married for nearly half my life. No one kept me.
We kept each other.
Anyone who has been with someone for that many years knows that.
And if you have not been married for this long, well, I wish you luck.
My marriage was a blessed one, and my ex partner is my best friend.
He arrives on Friday.
We can't wait.
He will take the dogs back to Sydney when I leave.
Now, that will be a teary day. And, of course I have infrastructure. My friends and family are wonderful.
And I love my doctors.
I do not lack infrastructure, that's for sure. Why would I?
I've worked my entire life. I deserve the friends and loved ones I have.
I will leave Bethel Park very soon for my new beginning in Canada.
I'm a little stressed about it.

My Paypal donations will help me make this move with less difficulty.
I am blessed for that.
Do not begrudge me or the people who wanted to contribute to the blog and to me.
Many blogs have a donation button.
At least, I really need the money.
And it's not a money making thing for me. It never has been.
And TEAM BRIAN knows this.
And that's all that matters.
My dear mother knows. My family knows. My friends know.
And they all support my methods to bring DJ to justice.
Cyber justice.

My conscience is sooooo clear peeps.
I regret nothing I have ever written on this blog.
This blog is my stream of thoughts and ideas.
I know so much about certain people.
I receive many e mails with tons of information about many people.
I'm being very responsible, regardless of what some people think.

As my readers know, the swimming pool is not mine.
It used to be.
But not anymore.
I sold my part of the property last year to raise my share of 'our' business investment money.
The money that DJ happily took.
40,000 for the restaurant.
And 30,000 for Montage Travels.

I do have a computer, of course.
I have not been to a restaurant for a very long time.
Not that I have to justify that.
But I mean, please. AM I never to go out because I have a Paypal button.
I'm broke, not dead.

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