15 May 2008

The Dark Side Loses Again

The comments section will closed for a bit, TEAM BRIAN and dear readers.
I am going to re work it. So give me a day or two please. I will turn them back on, this Sunday.
I need time to clean it up.

The dark side has been abusing my comments section for too long, so it has to be shut down for a few days. There are far too many interior blog battles. I don't like it. It shows that side of Filipinos that I do not want to see. And I no longer want the world to see it either.
So I am going to take that power away from them. Because they are truly disgusting and vile. And they will never beat me. Because I am free, compared to them. They are the prisoners. 
And now they will have no venue to spin their bullshit and rubbish. Their twisted logic and filthy theories. Their lies and shameful techniques, have not been lost on millions of people. They have no honor or souls. Just evil people trying to muddy the waters with their ignorance and ugly interiors.

We win TEAM BRIAN, and we ALWAYS will.
Never worry about that.
We all know what happened to Darth Vader.
We are the truth.
The dark side is well, very dark.
And it will always lose, in our battle between good and bad.

The blog is going to be great this up coming week.
I am so excited about a few things brewing.
And the haters will be truly fucked, because they will no longer have a venue to spew their lies.
And I won't have to worry about comments for a few days. I will miss the beautiful ones which or course are the vast majority. 
Which is so bloody beautiful.
I love the love readers and i need it too, and will continue to feel it with or without the comments section open.
I don't want my Team or my readers to do battle with these idiots anymore.
The dark side needs to have a rest. It must be hard being that evil.
I will take control once and for all over my blog.
And re open the comments section with new rules when I am ready.

I know I will wake up tomorrow feeling lighter readers.
NO more hate from these same three or four losers.
They think I can't tell that they sit on the computer all night writing hate comments.
Vile creatures, these people are. I'm sure they are being paid to be evil.
Well, now they have to find another way to fight me.
Because the upcoming posts are HUGE.
And they will have no voice on this blog.
But I will. Trust me.

The comments section
will be turned on again, when I am relaxed and feeling good.
Until then, my writing will have to do.
Thank you for understanding readers.
My emotional and mental health are far more important then the bitching and debate in the comments section. And anyone who really cares for me, will understand my decision.

I am preparing to move, and I need to focus on my future without my security money.
I am adjusting slowly to the idea of working again. And I am really trying hard to put on weight. The stress is overwhelming sometimes.
DJ Montano is a liar and thief.
And he must PAY UP!

Please let's not ever forget that.


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