10 May 2008

Happy Mothers Day

I was so lucky to have a great musician for a father.
His guitar playing was amazing. Great pick style. A real performer.
He was a very talented singer when he was young. When I was young.
And he still is, I've heard.
My father was also very beautiful when he was 'in the band'. 
Like Elvis Presley or James Dean. 
My dad also loved fashion and trends. 
He often embarrassed us with his selection of garments when we were young. 
Even when we had no money (which was the norm), my dad always looked like he did. He also bought us kids some far out stuff as well.
I often went to school totally humiliated because my dad decided to go clothes shopping for me, WITH OUT me.
If I learned one thing, from growing up in fractured family, its that music is the perfect solution for troubled, tear filled nights.
My mother also loved music when I was little, and still does.
She was a roadie of sorts when my dad toured.
Even though she is into Celine Dion now, I forgive her.
Her heart must go on, I guess.

My parents had brilliant taste in music. A perfect mix of country and rock.
So when I was old enough to choose my own music,
I just copied their collection pretty much.
Until I went to my first Broadway play, which was CATS.
My entire life changed that day.
I wanted to be a cat. I cried at least five times throughout the show.
My imagination finally had a conduit to a great passion.
My own, first passion.

I am a Broadway fanatic.
I know every show and play, on and
off it.
This clip is from my all time favorite show called Anything Goes.
Patti Lapone is the original star and my favorite Broadway actress.
My mother is also a huge fan of hers.
This clip is for all mothers.
And the millions of queers, who also worship show tunes and Broadway.

Mothers, love your gay children.
Fathers, love your gay children.

Homophobia Sucks!


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