07 May 2008

Iloilo LTO Scam.

I am going to try this again. Another scandal caught on tape.

I want my readers to look at, contemplate and assess for yourselves if this is a crime.
Not that any of this is new in the Philippines. But it can be stopped.
More people need to tape these terribly acts of corruption.
It only makes the poor poorer.
And the rich, richer.
And that IS NOT FAIR Butch!

I am fascinated by this tape, not only because I was extorted from,
on more then one occasion, but because it happens to normal everyday Filipinos as well.
And remember, I am exposing this menace to remind ALL Filipino's,
that this type of corruption affects EVERYONE down the chain.
We all lose because of it.
And Butch walks away with everyone's HARD EARNED MONEY.
Him and his Mistress of course.
He is a good Catholic man indeed. I'm almost sure of it.
He NEEDS to be imprisoned. SHE needs to go to jail too!
They are both criminals, and this proves it.

Here is the new video clip of corruption in the Philippines.
This took place in Iloilo City. But it happens everywhere.
I know because it happened to me more then once.

It is in Panay Island and near to Boracay island. (Where Celine Lopez is from!!!)
I am posting this so that people will be aware that my blog is not only for gossip but for PUBLIC SERVICE TO THE PHILIPPINES as well.

Butch Bautista and his mistress Majuvi Hibionada ask for money from their victims just like the police in Makati! Same thing.
My best friend has translated this clip for me.
Thank you beautiful.
My EXPERIENCE in the Philippines was not an isolated case, by a long shot.
The hypocrites in my comments section didn't think I had the right to expand my blog in the past, from time to time do inject some public service. I TOTALLY disagree. The Vincente Sotto Medical Center scandal is a point and case.

I lived in the Philippines.
And I will come back one day, when I can.
And I am very proud of that.
I love the Philippines. And I always will.
It's not my fault, I'm not there now in my business's, contributing to the nation.
That's DJ's fault. Because he scammed my money. Ripped me off and shattered my future.
DJ is like the guy in this video.
Two crooks.

No one will ever take that love for Philly and its people away from me.
They can't.
I'm just another foreigner who gave it his best shot.
But was shot down in the end.
And I lost everything.
And my friends are still there of course.
My BEST friends are Filipino.
And don't forget my twenty years friendship with my Filpina queen.
She has taught me a million things about all things Pinoy!
I have a degree in Pinoy.
Therefore, I feel I can comment on whatever I wish.
Because I CARE for the Philippines, deeply.
I know it much better then most people realize.
And many who live there just use it and abuse it.
And they always will.
I won't.

More about this clip.

His name is Butch Bautista (This video was taken secretly but his face could be seen if you are quick enough to pause somewhere in the video. He is wearing a blue shirt with white stripes---the part where the camera lens is obscured by a finger.) If you have business with the LTO office in Iloilo be careful not to deal with him. He is an ex-LTO Iloilo employee who scams people through fixing. He was already fired from the LTO for this YET he continues to perpetrate his craft through the help of his mistress Majuvi A. Hibionada who sits at the helm of the supplies office at the LTO. In this video Butch dupes another victim into giving him PHP 5,195.00 (listen to the sound recordings when the screen becomes black---the voice of Butch receiving the money)--- not thru the LTO cashier but through him.

This is an example of government corruption in the Philippines. Let us continue to be vigilant and upload videos of erring government officials, to help cleanse the system. We have to do this for the sake of good governance.

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