22 May 2008

Mans BEST Friend

My best friend sent me these photos this morning.
My eyes watered. I became so emotional over them. I stared at them for so long.
They touched me deeply.
Gosh, I am way too sensitive.

Dogs are everything to me, as you know.
This dog was everything to the other dog, obviously.
How can anyone dismiss an animals feelings.
This proves that dogs are emotional and loving and protective over their own, even as adult dogs.

I had a cat that was killed by a car.
It took me months to recover.
So fucking tragic.
The worst thing ever.
I screamed for a good long while.
And the driver just kept driving.
Bastard will burn in hell for that.

People who harm and injure animals will have their day of reckoning.
That's a definite.

To the complete asshole who sent in the Filipino dog stew recipe-
Well, you wish you were a dog mate. You are a Filipino right? And you are ridiculing Filipinos?
Promoting stereotypes. I can assure you mate, if you were a dog, you would be left in the middle of the road. Because you would not be so lucky to have a mate like the dog in the pictures. I'm sorry reader, but your comment was sad and gross. And thats why I didn't print it, you knob. Write something clever and you might get in the comments section.

These photos have haunted me throughout the day.
I was looking for a message.
Like in the pictures I posted yesterday of the bank tragedy.
We have to take something away from these images.
Life depends on it.
Our collective understanding.
Passion and tears.
Joy and bliss. Compassion.
What can we take from these images that will help us in life?
Who took these pictures?
What happened to the dogs?
Its so frustrating not knowing.
Any animal lover will comprehend these images. Because they understand dogs.
I sure do.

I need some major therapy, because this shit really hits me hard.
I know they are just images, but holy shit, these ripped right through me.
This beautiful little dig died that day.

I will live a day of my life for that dog.
And every other dog that dies from anything other then a ripe old age.
I live for my animals, and always have.
I would take animals over people any day of any week.
Dogs are the truest form of life.
They kick the living daylights out of the human condition.
I would rather be a dog most days.

We should all behave like these beautiful dogs.
Never abandon your loved ones.
Look both ways, for those people who you care for.
Never assume your mate is right behind you. Keep looking back.
Always howl at any injustice.
Hold your friends hand, to make sure they're safe.
Never leave them, when they are in trouble.
That is a true friend.
I wonder how many true friends DJM has?

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