03 May 2008

I'm chanting as we speak darling.......

I love this art work. 

I took it from one of my favorite hate sites dedicated to me.
I am flattered that some people allocate so much precious time to me and my ultimate objective. 
To get my money back from DJ Montano.
At least I am raising money for charity while I'm at it!
What are you four doing on your hate site?
How much are you raising for charity?
I've already donated one thousand dollars.
Where is yours?

The art work depicts my favorite feline in the world controlling my strings.
Oh, Kitty, what ever shall I do next?

I am assuming the other is supposed to be me doing my yoga with another kitty annoying me.
My posture and body is MUCH better then that.
Thank you very much!

My special kitty never annoys me.
Just supports me.
Encourages me.
Defends me.
Thanks Kitty.

I truly feel deep sadness, for the few people who are riding my wave, in order to create their blogs. I understand it though. They have no ability to do it on their own like I did.
Pathetic and sad.
Some people just won't do the hard work!
Lazy scammers, like my ex business partner and lover.
They just scam, like DJ Montano.

So dear readers, I am just going to post THEIR hate on my blog. 
So you can see what the 'other (dark) side' is up to.
You know readers, have a laugh.

And I can keep TEAM BRIAN up to date with what's out there.
It will save your poor eye's from these crass/trash blogs.
I swear, my retina's are burning from the stupidity readers.
By all means, look at them.
They will only confirm what we already know.
I am DJ's victim.
NOT the other way around.

You can't spin that haters.


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