16 May 2008

Ok My Babies, I Hear You

I'm soooooo sorry about the looping Mariah Carey music on the photo slide.
I had no idea it would continue to play.
Apparently, poor Mariah is driving people mad.
I love the bitch, but she is a bit screechy!
Sorry about that peeps.
I have removed the song.
Have a beautiful day, readers.
Keep cool, my babies.

Well, now I know what happens when I turn the comments off.
I have over four hundred e mails received in the last twenty four hours.
So you see, dear readers, it never stops.
The great thing about it is that my haters NEVER write me privately.
They only spew their hate in the comments section.
They are too afraid to write me personally.
The whole lot of them.
Thanks for the LOVE, Team Brian.
It's extraordinary and feeds this little guy everyday.

I have some great posts coming up.
I have an amazing Xeng follow up post, and an explosive new strip down is only just ahead.
Who will it be?
What have I found out about one GG member with a fully paid membership?

Investigators in the Philippines are amazed at the very bloody Rizal Commercial Bank robbery in Cabutao, Philippines.Nine people have been murdered in total (seven men and two woman). And they believe that two of the banks security guards were involved in the heist and multiple murders.


Now this is a bank robbery gone very bad.
Its almost impossible to rob banks now in Australia.
It happened SO often here in the eighties and nineties, that things had to change.
It is really impossible now in Australia to rob a bank unless you have a tank.
But I am still afraid to be in a bank, because I have still have bad thoughts.
If you are going to rob the bank robbers, ok....... but don't kill people.
For goodness sakes, people should not have to die while making a withdrawal at their bank branch.
My heart is broken for the poor families of the murdered victims.
I hope they catch these terrible monsters who took so much precious life away from the world.
I wish the police the best of luck in apprehending these murderous bandits.
And lock them away forever.

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