20 May 2008

RIP Chloe Patdu (Aug 31, 2005 - May 17, 2008)

Poor little Chloe. God wants her back.
My friend Patrick's beautiful little pug dog passed away.
It's always incredibly heart wrenching to lose your animal.
I have no less then ten dogs and cats buries here on Bethel Park.

My pet cemetery is in my very special Camellia garden. A heavily perfumed Night Jasmine keeps watch over them as well. I have assorted crystals and buddhas scattered around them. I light incense there often, because it is such an emotional place for me. I believe in doing symbolic things to help the grieving process. Lighting a candle always worked for me. At the moment, orchids and lilies are blooming there as well all around my beautiful babies. My animals will rest forever, under a giant robust ancient lily pilly tree. Tranquil and sacred ground.

Animals are the magic elixir of life.
My dogs are everything to me. Everything.
As soon as I arrive in Toronto, I will look for a new dog.
I can't live without one.

I hope my friend Patrick knows that many people around him, understand the pain of losing a beloved animal. To me, it's as difficult as losing a human being. Because love on this level is sacred. And one never forgets the feelings of security and unconditional love that an animal can bring to your life.

Bless Chloe, and may her little doggie heart soar free in the sky, forever above you Patrick dear.
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