15 May 2008

Under Siege... Magic 89.9, Its Official!

Aurora Montano is up to her old tricks again. This woman is spending so much time trying to shut me up, its crazy. I wish she would spend as much energy, convincing her devil child to pay me back my seventy thousand dollars, that he took from me, by fraud. And we all know, he should give it back. Aurora is an accessory to DJ's crimes now. All pigs sup at the same trough. So my grandma always said.

I wish Aurora Montano would attack me instead of Magic 89.9.
Stop trying to shut them up with your stupid dumb ass subpoenas!
I mean, why are you not suing me Aurora?
What happened to "We're going to take this all the way", which is what your thief son said on television? Remember?
Well, I am waiting Aurora.
In fact, we all are you crazy old cow.
And you better hurry up old girl, because I am leaving VERY soon for Canada. So you will have to start all over again Lola. Catch me if you can. And you will have to find me as well. And then I might move again. Who knows, with all this gypsy blood coursing though my veins.
So I hope you have tons of cash dear Aurora, because it will cost you a fortune.
And I will move on.
I will get a new job.
In fact, I already have offers in Toronto readers.
I will save my money again, and protect it this time, from bandits like your good christian boy. Have a wonderful life Aurora. Your son should have paid me a LONG time ago Aurora. And now your whole family has paid the price for one persons shameful despicable behaviour.
Because now, I will always have my blog to do battle with you.
You and your kind.
And you will have nothing left but the legacy of this blog, haunting you everyday of your life.
Until you die.

In fact, screw this battle with you, you hideous old bitch, because your days are already numbered. It's such a huge shame, that you have decided to spend your last precious golden/twilight/horizon years doing battle with me. Your son's ex boyfriend and ex business partner.
YOU dear lady, have met your match in me.
But we are VERY different people.
You are bad, and I am good.
It's really your son DJ, who I want to get my hands on.
As many, many people do.
He owes people millions and millions of pesos.
DJ is still banned at Fridays AND Discovery Shores, and a couple more places on Boracay. No one wants him around. And some coke dealers are looking for him as well. He is truly 'person non grata' on Boracay now. Who would dine with him? Who? Who would give him anything ever again, for free, knowing what he is? Who he is?
Knowing from whom, he is derived from.
That's you Aurora.
God bless your poor fractured soul for choosing darkness over truth.
Aurora Montano should be ashamed that at her age, she is still propping up her gutless thirty five year old man/child.

Aurora Montano has just defaulted on a seventy million peso loan, I am told from another 'special' insider. She is on her last legs, this old girl. Benj has no money to help her out this time. DJ is 'ditch digger broke'. The court case with Uncle Bobby is more sour then ever. The whole family is a disaster really. The sisters are about to be hit, full force with a cyclone, from Australia. And they will also regret getting involved with DJ's high stake game of fraud. Prepare girls. All four of you.
This is war!

I have already apologized to Andrew Santiago from Magic 89.9 (many times) for the problems Aurora is causing for the station. It's been constant for six weeks now.

Now I realize that I dragged Aurora out, from under her moldy old toad log, and into the spotlight, which as we all found out, was not at all kind to her. Even Korina's 'magic lenses' failed this old gal, on what was to be, her big night to shine.

However, I believe now, that she has taken this too far, so I am revving up, for another round with her and the disgraced Montano clan..
Like Magic 89.9 fights for their right to put to air ,what they determine topical and relevant for discussion in Manila and the Philippines, I will continue to fight for my money, which I will eventually get.... from DJ.

Censorship is old Manila. We are trying to move away from those times now.
Things must change. And they are, quickly now because of bloggers. There is no more room for bullying in Philippines society. You will be sprung.
I know full well, that I am not going to change many things in the Philippines. I may change nothing. Trust me, I know that. The challenge is like climbing Mount Everest ten times. I know what I'm up against.
But I will fight my own battles, the way I see fit. And if I inspire others, well I am thrilled and honored, to have effected even one person with my crusade for cyber justice.

For goodness sakes, I don't want to remind my haters, AGAIN, how many people visit this site every day and every week.
So shape up Aurora, and tell DJ to PAY UP!
Because the world is watching you.

More scorching private details about the disgraced Montano clan and their shady business dealings throughout the last few years are about to be revealed.

Andrew Santiago is Station Manager at Magic 89.9, and I want to thank him on the blog, for putting his neck on the chopping block every week, that I am on MoTwister's breakfast show.
This poor guy is under fire, and has been for many weeks.

I promised the station I would not write about this until they were certain that Aurora in fact, had no case against Quest or Magic, OR the staff there. I was in a panic thinking the breakfast crew would be sued personally. I would die. And so would they.
Andrew is a very brave pinoy, because in the face of these very hostile threats against him, he, Magic 89.9 and it's employees and disc jockey's, which include MoTwister, Mojo AND Grace, have refused to back down and give in to Aurora's many threats. The disgraced Montano clan should learn once and for all, that the times, they are a changing. And if they don't all keep up, they will indeed, be left well behind the starters gate.

I suspect Andrew is the reason that Magic 89.9 remains the number one pop FM station in the Philippines. I think this man deserves some credit. Because Aurora is a monster in pearls.

I applaud Andrew big time. I hope to meet him one day in person.
Aurora has demanded that MoTwister stop having me on his show with Mojo and Grace.
Some other dark, shady things have happened as well readers, but I am not able to write about them... yet!
I applaud Andrew, not only for defending his very mainstream positions, and that of the station's, but for also standing up to this mad woman who is clearly in the wrong. She is delusional and needs to be medicated.
Their "I am a Montano" attitude is getting old tired, like her sagging eye's.
Please stop being so bloody offensive Aurora. You are embarrassing your country.
You are acting in a very corrupt manner. Again.
Again, you are using fear to intimidate others.
This is after all the disgraced Montano way of doing business.
Because you are corrupt Aurora. And I have made you a murderess in my book.
Wait until you see, who you kill in chapter six.
It's going to be a nail biter.
A thriller.
A best seller!

I have promised the station not to print the letter from Aurora's lawyer, Atty Jose A. Oliveros.
But I did have my great friend Argee Guevarra look at it. He said the letter was completely wrong in form, substance or even coherency. "Like it was written by a five year old", was another quote, I have, by another 'big wig' who has read the letter. I personally think Aurora's lawyer might be a bit of a drinker. His letter seems a bit sluurrreed.

Tim Yap's name also appears in this document (?). Why Aurora Montano mentions him (more then once), is a big question that needs to be answered. Are Tim and Aurora working together against me? We all know Tim's connection with the station through his sisters marriage. The Big Mac clan should call DJ. Ask him to stop this charade that he has unravelled for all to see, taste, hear and smell.Why has Aurora implicated Tim Yap? Poor Tim. You and your twisted system should have banished DJ many years ago. Now you are paying for playing on the dark side.Check mate.It is common knowledge in Manila that Dj has scammed many people for a combined fortune.And he walks free, to this day. Never brought to court. Because people are so afraid of the system, that the Montano family plays like their own golden fiddle.
That's why none of these people will come forward you see. I know who they are. But I respect their decisions, for now. It just hurts me though, knowing that a few people could turn this around for me. Until then, I will keep fighting.
I have been told by a cherished source, that Tim Yap has in fact tried MANY times to contact DJ Montano since finding out that his name is mentioned in the threatening correspondence from his mother Aurora.
Where is DJ? Where is DJ Montano?Every attempt to reach him has come to nothing. The Montano land line has been cut and his cell phone is also switched off.
So no one will return our calls.
I have offered DJ a great payment plan.
Only a fool would refuse such an olive branch.

Brian's justice in the Philippines so far peeps.
This is where I stand, currently dear readers.
The Makati police will NOT co operate with my lawyers. At all!
They will NOT release ANY information to the journalist trying to write an expose about that very night I was extorted from.
They say they will, but they NEVER send the information.
Its proof, and I need it!
I do NOT stand a chance in any Manila courthouse, because no one will help me.
The Intercontinental, will NOT release file footage of DJ leaving my suite with my belongings.
Even though we KNOW it exists.
In fact, the Intercontinental, will not even answer the letters from my lawyer.
Or his phone calls.
Why not. Who is running this cover up?
We have tried dozens of times to obtain information. But our phone calls and letters and e mails never get a reply.
We want to know WHO stole my money from the safe that night.
We KNOW DJ stole it.
They KNOW DJ stole it.

The Makati police told us they would only give me the information IF and only IF, I was in the Philippines. That is crazy. Truly fucked up. Corruption.
DJ has returned all THREE letters we have sent to him.
DJ will NOT answer my e mails.
Or my requests for a conversation.
They will NOT acknowledge my lawyer.

How on earth can I mount a case against DJ when no one will co operate with me. The police will Not touch it. Because they know they extorted from me on the horrible night.
So the blog continues........

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