28 May 2008

Visit the Philippines

Sorry readers, but this clip is wonderful too. I just had to post it.

Some friends of mine from South Carolina arrive in the Philippines tomorrow.
I have been sending them these tourism clips to watch.
They are perfect for the blog too. I want people all over the world, to see how beautiful the Philippines really is.
My mates are traveling around Asia for four months.
They have two teenaged children. Hippy family of sorts.
I am very happy to have been able to arrange a great place for them on Boracay.
I made some calls, and everything was quickly in place.
My Boracay mates never let me down.
Thank you.

One of the things that amazed me about the Philippines,is how many of my friends could sing and dance very well.
They would sing out loud in front of other people.
I would never do that, because I sound like a dying bird.
I also know, that many of my Filipino friends could become actors too, because their mimic ability is incredible. And man can they dance.
I love dancing. 
One particular mate, can make a group of people, double over with laughter with his keen impersonations of famous people.
He does an Imelda Marcos speech that is too funny for words.
He borrows a pair of shoes from any girl, puts them on and proceeds to hand
out fake  money.
But only to rich looking people.
Its a great performance because he is making fun of this system, but not the person herself.
Very clever.
She is an Iconic figure in the Philippines, and his portrayal of her is very sympathetic of course, but bone cracking funny, nonetheless.
He can also mimic me, but I can't watch.
Its too embarrassing.

I love the song in this video.
I've had a great response from the previous tourism video.
People really like them. It drives me mad that some people think I am too negative about the Philippines.
That's not true.
I rave about the Philippines in the majority of my entries.
I love it and that's that.

Have a great day readers,


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