11 June 2008

Feeling Nostalgic

Dear Readers and TEAM BRIAN,

I am so happy today, for
soooo many reasons.
I'm loving the comments section again.
No more back and forth nonsense. THAT was getting boring.
Now we are all friends again.
I was getting used to waking up, having my coffee, and having to prepare to open the comments for perusal. Trembling a bit.
It was both taxing and emotionally draining.
The hate has stopped readers.

The blog has received over 100,000 e mails so far.
And you know what? I've opened about four thousand.
That's it. That's how long it takes to get through them.
I'm taking a break for a few days.

Not one negative hateful e mail.
Yes, e mails that disagree with me. But no hate or threats.
Why are people so afraid to write me personally?
Their true colors have really come out.
Just blog saboteurs.
Some paid I'm sure.

I challenge
anyone to dispute anything in my blog.
If you can prove that what I've written is false, then please do.
I do not invent my content. Everything I write
is the truth.
Yes, some people are upset that the blog has branched out in other ways.
But I did announce this nearly
three months ago.
So if some people can't deal with my 'on line diary', then they should simply stop visiting.

I'm gay by the way. In case there are a few people out there who don't already know.
I'm gay and I've made this very clear.
But I am being accused of running a gay blog now.
Two men kissing apparently freaks some people out.
Two men kissing is just the same as any two people kissing.
Its marvellous.
Deal please.

THANK YOU readers for
adjusting with me.
Writing this blog has become such a great part of my life.
I make time for it. I feel its important for me to keep my foot in the Philippines.
Even if I can never come back there.
I still love it so much. I LOVE my Filipino friends.
I will see some very soon.
I can't wait.

My beautiful mother is doing so great.
Her new apartment is perfect for her. Her car made it through winter.
She will take a part time job soon, perhaps at a kindergarten.
My mother is a fifty eight year old wonder woman.
When we talk on the phone, I can feel her hugging me.
We always have a cry.
A nice cry. A tearless cry.

I'm surprised at the feed back regarding the kidnapping of Ces Drillon and her colleagues.
That's why I love the blog though. I am as surprised as most when I read it.
I thought most would feel empathy for their families.
But apparently, few people really care about their plight.
I'm puzzled by that. No one deserves to be kidnapped while doing their job.
The fact that they were kidnapped gives their original intent underpinnings.
Perhaps they are trying to do good.
Imagine if no one cared, and no one had the courage to go into these dark unknown territories.
Personnel feelings aside, we should still hope for her safe return and that of her colleagues.

More later.......

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