24 June 2008

Six Pistols at Dawn

1. I'm no longer coming to the Philippines. Call me a scaredy cat if you want. I just don't want some monkey blowing my head off. Its as simple as that. When you get over 100 emails telling you not to (many from Manila friends) take the chance, you listen. I want to come back, but will not. My friends very much understand my decision. No worries. And I get to live another day! hahahahaha. There are other reasons as well, which I will get into later. It is the best decision for me and my future with my boyfriend. I will NOT risk that. Its all I want now. Him.

2. I was going to rip Celine's latest article a new one (one of her worst ever), but I couldn't be bothered with that silly useless girl anymore. You love Manila....... we get it Celine.
Only because you're a rich bitch though!
You're finished dear. Done. Over. Kaput! Spin it all you like Celine in your crapola column. Your gig is up.

But does Manila love you Celine?

I think not Celine. You sound incredibly insecure in your latest article for the RATS. Burst that little bubble you live in dear, and wake up Celine, because many people just feel so sorry for you now, and no longer care about what you do on your pathetic Saturdays, when you haggle for cheaper prices. People don't care if you are with Marcel or whoever else dear. WHY do you think people in Manila care anymore about you dear? WHY?
Open your eyes. Who the fuck cares that you eat sugar on your spaghetti you fucking airhead? What...... does that mean Celine, that your...... 'normal'?
The STAR should be ashamed to keep you on their staff. Although I'm tired of you at the moment Celine, you will always have a VERY special place on my blog. Be assured of that. I'll always be here to keep you in check chic!
Celine, you and your article are both shallow, empty vessels of nothingness. There's nothing normal about you love. Just very abnormal I'm afraid. Almost retarded in fact. Manila deserves the society it gets and if it wants you, well......
But many people think Manila deserves much better then you Celine. Nothing but a fucking loser coke head, who can't dance.
Now PISS OFF douche bag!
No young person should ever admire or look up to you. You're like Britney now. Hahahahahaha.
Your entire life so far, has been a fraud.
Like Britney's singing ability.

Uhhh, I feel better.

3. I'll be re uniting with my boyfriend in one week. I can hardly believe we'll be together again after being apart for four long months. We will never be apart again. We're so deeply in love. I've kept my relationship a semi secret because its all I have or want in a strange way. DJ was a huge massive mega uber monumental mistake. And this relationship has been nothing but a blessing from day one! People want to know who my boyfriend is. Of course he's Filipino. And that's all I am prepared to say at this point. I know you all understand.

4. If you're travelling to Boracay soon, you must check out my friends Bed and Breakfast called Lazy Dog. Its beautiful, very quiet, secluded (not really, but it sure feels secluded when you're there) and the rooms are very very nice. We loved it because it's away from the hustle and bustle of Boracay's great tourist beach. And yes, it's where the real 'cool' locals hang out. The fantastic Courtyard Bistro which is within the compound as well, is so wonderful. I ate there a lot when I lived on Boracay. My boyfriend and I had the most romantic Valentines dinner there (complete with long stemmed roses). The best steak on the island that night. Thanks Mark.
Get away from Main Beach and relax at this wonderful location. You will not regret it.

Phone: (036) 288-4128
Mon - Sun: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Located on the Eastern side of the Island in the middle of Bulabog Beach. We can easily coordinate for airport transfers or regular Boracay trike ride to and from your destinations within the Island...
Its only a short ten minute walk to Boracay's famous white beach via D'mall.

courtyard bistro, boracay..... very romantic

our valentines dinner at courtyard bistro

5. The dreadful ferry crash is big news here. So many people have lost their lives. Its quite shocking and extremely sad to see the desperate Filipinos on television crying for their loved ones. Its been so heartbreaking to watch. My prayers go to them all. Its just such a terrible disaster which should never have happened. UHG!

6. I would like to thank all readers who bought a copy of Expat Magazine. I have been informed that the issue is doing very well indeed. Its a great magazine. I've received some amazing feed back from all sorts of great people. Its been quite a soul enriching endeavor. Please support my first efforts as a writer. I'm not ashamed to beg. Hahahahaha. Seriously, thank you for buying it if you have. I'm grateful.

Keeping it real readers!
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