28 July 2008

Ass Pudding

getting to the bottom of this


Can someone PLEASE tell me who the bowl of ass pudding is who wrote this 'testimonial'?

I mean, I JUST ate my breakfast for Christs (I know, name in vain... sorry) sakes.

Readers, please understand now that we are on completely different sides of the world, you must consider when I will open these e mails from you! I need at least THREE hours to digest my cereal before I can even begin to read drivel like this.
Please consider my still lagging behind jet leg!
Kidding... I LOVE this shit at 5am!
Bring it on!

Tuesday, April 8. 2008- from a DIE hard fan!

I know all the people that are part of the Gucci gang. I am in no way ashamed that I call them my friends. I don't believe that all of them should be condemned for how they have choosen to live their lives, because of one man's debt. yes, these people are rich, they party like rockstars, but for Christ sakes, who doesn't? But one must realize that there are many degrees of friendship.

Tim Yap in particular is one of my most treasured friends.

I have known Tim for eons, back when we were still starting out in the game called show. Entertainment was our choice of profesion.This is our business and from the very beggining he was already made of something unique, something special, which he has without a doubt proven on more than several occassions.

When a person opens up their home to you for you to seek shelter in, they become your friend for your entire lifetime. Well, that's according to my book. It's just plain gratitude. Utang na Loob in tagalog so to speak.

So regardless what he does behind his closed doors, I really have no business judging him the way others have been scrutinizing his actions or what they think he stands for. Tim is a good person, with a big heart and is dedicated to his profession.

He is a decent and intelligent human being. Let us not crucify him for his success or his popularity. He is obviously good at what he does, which is PR. Why do you think everyone knows who he is, despite if they like or dislike him is mute at this point. He is the brains behind his revolution. He is not manufactured goods, unlike so many Filipino personalities who pay other people to publicize their efforts.

Let's face it, since I can remember the press and the media have always been swayed towards the direction of your side of events, especially when monetary funds are offered. For a foreigner this may be shocking, but common folks, let's not pretend that we didn't know that our country operates this way.

I am in no way trying to defend anybody. I just feel like it is really unfair how a voice has not been put out to counter BG's blogs. I pray he gets his funds back, but sadly to say, knowing how the Philippines operates it may be a lost cause. I support his crusade in bringing down the acts of injustice against the poor and less fortunate. I do not however feel it is fair to bring other people into the mix. His beef should be with DJ, period.

As I am writing this, I am already overwhelmed by how i am sure others will retaliate to this posting. However at the end of the day, I can only speak from what i know is true and right.

Oh really ass pudding?

and this lovely cluster of words from octo-pussy,

So STOOOPID--Too late the hero---and he was nice to her when she WAS famous.
As nice as she is, I think she is now a has -been and cuts hair at Supercuts...see if Tim will be nice to her now..but maybe he still will if he needs a haircut.


Enjoy your day readers.
I'm pooped!

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