23 July 2008

Holy Embassy.. Even Jesus Wants to Party!

jesus dancing at embassy


PLEASE read my HIV posting below this entry.
Already I'm getting GREAT feed back from people who have already gone to get tested. They give you a code number. Your name is NEVER written down!!!!!!!!!


Like life itself.

From you know who's Blog

Last weekend, we had a our Taguig parish priest Father Elmer bless Embassy and held Mass for our employees as well. (Even the maulers?)

It was a solemn afternoon with a hundred or so staff who have all enriched my being a humble part of this establishment. (Please insert barf here!)

I looked at them and realized fully well that aside from our responsibility to the community, we are responsible for our employees as well. (even the ones who sell the drugs Tim?)

So after we got the clearance from the city government to re-open with conditions, my partners thought it best to first host a solemn gathering for our employees. "Loss is their to give us life, not to kill us". (Did you pray for the murdered guest too Tim?..... Well did you?)

Laws on the other hand, are there to guide us and not punish us," said the priest during his homily. (Yes, Tim, and your club breaks every law in the book mate)

At the moment we are working hard to install the best security infrastructure systems in place.
(And its about fucking time mate!)

There's a lot to be done, but we are up for the challenge. At the moment we are faced with making Embassy the safest and the most fun and most responsible place to party in the country, so please bear with us--we are all in transition. It's all a work in progress
(You are only doing this because you're being forced to Tim, and this is all smoke and mirrors, because without drugs, Embassy is nothing, and you know it!)

Dear Readers,

I don't even have words for this. I 'm just blown away by this drivel.
WHAT does GOD have to do with a night club?
I want to wring his neck with a rosary.

Tim had NEVER apologised to the victims of his club.
The murdered man? Do you think his family cares weather or not some priest blessed your fucking dance floor?
I mean come now dear.
This is sooooo fucked up!
Lets be real for one second Tim.
This is nothing but propaganda and spin.
The fact that you use your blog for nothing other then promotion of yourself and you interests is sad and shameful. When will YOU start addressing REAL issues in Manila and the Philippines.
WHAT ever happened to your 'charity work' that you were about to embark on when I first blew you wide open on my blog?
MORE SPIN and BULLSHIT from your mouth!
The thousands of people who have developed drug problems because this club has been a haven for years, for both dealers and users, do not care that your dance floor now has holy water on it! May you slip and fracture your stupidity.
Only after some proper down time and healing, will you see clearly, just what little you contribute to the Philippine's and its people.
Please stop using religion to cover up your grave mistakes and those of your night club!
What ever happened to the man who was mauled, and the one who was killed?
Have you ever said sorry to him or the other mans family?
Because it was your employee who hospitalized him for days.
Does he still work for your club?

Party on your knees Tim.
YOU should be the one praying for forgiveness.
Not your smacked up Priest.

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