16 July 2008

Oh NO..... It's Joji Dingcong

First of all, I have to say that I have received MANY e mails about this creature Joji over the last five months. But this one was the last straw. Joji Dingcong is about to come undone. He's a MASSIVE coke head, no question. How do I know this? I just do. This guy has hurt so many people over the years. He's a user and an abuser of all sorts of people. I believe this guy totally who wrote to me. I spoke to him this morning on the phone for about twenty minutes. He was VERY upset to say the least. I will not reveal his name because I promised his mother I would not. And I won't. But Joji, your goose is cooked now. Well and truly. This will not be the only entry on dear old coke head Joji.

Tock Joji....


Dear Brian Gorrell and Kitty Go,

I come to you for help... I was an aspiring male model until I was exposed to the disgusting events that happen behind the scenes...

I was introduced to this agent through a friend a few months ago in Greenbelt. He's prominent and has a lot of talents in the industry. He told me how he made those talents who they are today. Of course everyone spoke highly of him so I thought I could trust him.

Later on, we met him with my other male model hopefuls in one of the restaurants in greenbelt where we sat for a few drinks and some small talk. He said he can make me have a career in showbiz, of course I was excited.
As the night went on he started to get more and more drunk, and would make frequent trips to the restroom. At one point tho, I was in the restroom going out, he bumped into me going in and weirdly enough stopped me from leaving the rest room. He them locked the door and told me to keep quiet. That's when he brought out a small bag of white powder. he sniffed some and put some on my palm to do the same. I was scared, but I didn't sniff whatever it was... I pretended to tho, and I think due to his intoxication he bought it.
Later on, he said he wanted to talk business that night. But he wanted to go to a place that was "quieter", and said that night was the only night he had because he had a trip the next morning to the US. That quiet place was his apartment.
I was still quite scared, but the hope of making it big in showbiz and being able to support myself and my family kept me hopeful and somewhat blind to what was going to happen.
I went there, me and my friends, and we entered his apartment. Upon entering, I was surprised to find more male model wannabes sitting in his bed, of which he immediately went to his DVD player and put on of all things... porn... straight porn.
He then told us to relax, while another male model wannabe started fondling him, probably intoxicated, and just as desperate in making it into showbiz....
It was an awful experience... He was with 3 other male models in bed later on while I looked in horror.
"make me famous" said one.
he said "sure, I can even give you some famous starlets right now"
"I wanna fuck Angel
Locsin" said the other.
"you can fuck after tonight" said the agent. He said this is how Sam
Milby and others got famous... he said this is how it is done in showbiz.
It was awful. I actually looked around and saw another male model look at me also in disgust but helpless...
I thought to myself, if I did become famous because of this, I could never look at myself in the mirror again.
I left, but on the way out he told me not to tell anyone, and gave me a few thousand pesos.
I left the money on the table and left the room horrified and disgusted with how these things actually do happen in showbiz.

I still wish I could enter showbiz but not like this.
I now work in a call center in
Ortigas. I might not make as much money as I would have being a star on TV, but at least I have my dignity.

This agent's name is
Joji Dingcong who is the manager of Martin Nievera.

I earlier sent this email to
chikatime.com hoping they would publish it so that people would know who this awful person is and warn other aspiring models of the dangers of getting into showbiz.
A few days later it was suddenly shut down because of a certain ******** and ******...
despite the gossip it was throwing around, these things don't come out of nowhere, as there is some truth to them,
which is why certain people were indeed affected by it.
If one has nothing to hide, then one has nothing to worry about. Thanks a lot for reminding us of how martial law somewhat was in the 70s, ***** and ******.
so now I go to you two, brave enough to let information such as this be known to the public.
Some people tend to think they are higher, beyond consequences which is why they think they are Kings and Queens of this country. It is a stupid mentality and thanks to people like you and blogs like yours, the unheard, afraid victim has a chance of having a voice.

you may post this entire email (please omit my email address) on your blogs...
I think its time people should stop taking advantage of other people...

thank you very much.
******** *******
And God help you if you accuse this guy of simply being bitter because he did not 'make it'.

How much cock did 'boytoy' Carlos Concepcion have to suck to get into his 'boyband'.
I would LOVE to know. As would many others.

I have seen pictures my informent sent to prove that he is VERY beautiful indeed. He could model here or there of anywhere, trust me. But he actually has great morals, instilled into him by great parents. He is truly surprised that this happened to him. He is yet another victim of an industry hell bent on snorting and destroying all those who do not fit in with the grand scheme of things.
Thank you ******** ******* for your bravery. I know you would have no hope in
hell, of every getting this information out there for consumption. But I am MOST happy to help you and your family.

Social Sheriff is coming soon.
And Kitty is right, it will be explosive indeed.
More video blogs with ALL the scandal and dirt you can handle... or can't handle.
Your choice.
This is going to be a
killer blog.
NO prisoners for sure.
And 'certain' people are indeed in for the
worst shock of their lives.

YOU know you love me!
And you
KNOW you deserve it too.
So no crying like fucking babies when you are exposed for what you truly are.
Washed up frauds!

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