27 July 2008

Paolo Ballesteros LOVES MEN?

joji dingcong's boy..looks pretty gay to me!

Hello Brian,

I am one of your dedicated readers and I am sending you a photo of Paolo Ballesteros with a Caucasian male friend. To be honest, I was adamant to send you this photo. However, I find it disappointing that Paolo is hiding his true self to the public. There is nothing wrong with being gay and perhaps, through your blog, he will realize this. He should never be embarrassed of his sexuality. Perhaps, this photo may be helpful in proving that what you wrote about him is true. No straight male would ever pose in a photo like that. It is too compromising. Don't you think?

sooo sweet........

Keep on blogging, Brian. You are doing the Philippines a favor.

Truly yours,

**** ********
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