15 July 2008

Urban Legend? FUCK THAT!

this is an urban legend

this is NOT an urban legend

How on earth can anyone from the Philippines say anything at all good about their police?
OR the politicians for that matter?
The entire system has been broken for so many years.
And no one is brave enough to fix it, or to speak out once in a position of power.
Because they don't want their family members murdered by speaking out.
That's why.
Its the Philippines way of doing business and has been for far too long.
So give me a break with this urban legend rubbish.
I for one do NOT buy into it.
And millions of other agree with me.
The police are one of the most totally completely corrupt 'police forces' in the world.... right to the bones.
And we ALL know that already.
There are few countries in the world more corrupt then the Philippines.
So why would anyone in their right mind believe anything they say about the organ snatching that HAS been occurring in the Philippines.
Regardless of what the pro Philippines propagandists continue to say.

This is fact. NOT at all an urban legend.
So stop trying to muddy the waters with this concept of urban legend.
It doesn't fly with me.
The concentration camps in Germany and Poland were also a urban legend for years.
Urban legend my ass.
I totally 100% believe this story.
The Philippines police are not worth the cost of their polyester uniforms.
They're well known world wide as the most inept, corrupt and quite simply, the worst bunch of hooligans on the streets.
So why on earth would I dismiss a very leg worthy story because the police will not admit that it took place..... or COULD have taken place many times.

China hid the bird flu for fifteen years from the world.
This too was considered an urban myth.
When people first heard about this potentially catastrophic disaster, they laughed.
Birds can't get the flu people said.
What, sick birds they said?
This could have killed many many millions and millions of people all over the world.
Perhaps up to one billion people.
But China chose to cover it up from the world for fear of what may happen to their tourism and trade industries.
This was also considered an urban legend, until hundreds of people started to drop like flies, and the international community had to spend billions of dollars cleaning up that mess.

And THEY got the Olympics.

Its just nuts.

But back to the Philippines for another minute.

You have got to be joking with this urban legend shit.
I'm NOT a Filipino, which is obvious.
I'm not a passive aggressive Catholic either who can be manipulted by the church and told lie after lie after lie by both the government and the police.

Give me a V for Victory.
Give me a fucking break.
God is only humoring a whole big bunch of you.
He wants you to think your going up, when in fact, your heading down down down.

I'll give you a story then about the Police in Manila.
Is this an urban legend too ?
I think NOT!
WHY? Because I know the people involved with this story.
I don't even want to talk about the bank massacre and the bullshit and lies surrounding that. They did NOT kill or capture all those involved.
I will NEVER believe that.
Its all bullshit.
Human life in the Philippines can be snuffed out for less then 100 dollars. I've been told certain people who will murder for thirty bucks or less.
And the police can be 'purchased' VERY easily.
So lets be real here OK folks.
The Philippines is a complete fucking mess when it come to investigating anything at all. The majority of everything is swept away.
Business as usual.

The bombings at Glorietta?
I was there that day.
Propane tank my ass.
Insurance scam maybe?
But it was NOT a propane tank in the basement.
Total fabrication.

And the bank massacre?
All the police could do is confirm the horrendous bank massacre. took place.
They told us how the victims were indeed lined up on the ground and shot in the heads.
For fucks sakes , the PHOTOS were circulating within minutes of the massacre.
The blood had not even coagulated yet.
Tell us something we don't know!
And only I was accused of being a sensationalist at the time.
People freaked out on my blog because I printed the pictures.
I'm proud to have posted them, even though I eventually took them down.
I made my point.
Investigate this until the people responsible are found.
So ladidadida, a few days later, EVERY person responsible was shot and killed by the police.
How bloody convenient for them.
Case closed.
Easy Peasy!
I don't believe it and never will.

Yes attack the white guys blog. That's what I got.
Racism was rampant in the comments section.
I was called a racist because I wanted to know the truth.
Every time I post a story like this, the propagandists come out in force.
Its almost like they are waiting for it.
They write VERY condescending comments which although I dismiss immediately,make me very angry.
These people who claim anything this unsavory is an urban myth had might as well be looking thought the eyes of these children who have INDEED been murdered for their organs.
So quit it with this blind devotion to your own mythical explanations as to why these monstrous crimes are covered up in the Philippines.
Don't fuck with me by patronising me.
Because I will go for your jugular.
These are very serious issues and should be dealt with honesty, effectively and quickly.
The more time that passes only allows for the real facts to be watered down.

Well this shit didn't fly then and it will not take hold this time either.
I am not afraid to write about these things.
I care about your average Filipinos, NOT the lethal propagandists who continue to dismiss these stories of organ harvests from children.
That is proof enough that many want the hideous reality in the Philippines to be swept under the proverbial carpet.
People are scrambling to get out of the Philippines, for so many reasons.
The only people who stay are the ones who have no chance of ever 'escaping from it'.
Trapped in a country that has NO respect or consideration for human life at the end of the day.

The others who stay are the rich. They stay because they are drunk with money and power. But when they go abroad, most of them aren't qualified to wash dishes next to a Mexican. The people who control the media and the security also profit from it BIG TIME. Why would they leave? They love being wealthy amongst the poorest of the poor.

Divert your eyes when passing a shanty. Or better still, take a hard look and you will feel so great that you're in a car with a driver going to a cocktail party at some mansion. Stroke your sequined gown and check your makeup as you pass children begging and selling single ciggies in the choking soot filled roadways.

I wish they could just for one second imagine it being their child with black lungs at the age of twelve. Stroke the gown again.

The truth will not be banished on my watch.
If you wish to dispute me, try to do it in a less patronizing fashion. I do not respond well to being dismissed.

You want to talk about the shocking ferry disaster as well?
What a fucking joke.
HUNDREDS of Filipinos MURDERED really!
This was not a tragedy or accident.
This was GREED and MURDER!
Another GREEDY family with little or NO regard at all for precious Filipino lives.
GREED and more GREED killed all those innocent people.
Do you all hear me?
Is this an urban legend too?
HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of people lost their lives in a senseless event?
Pregnant mothers holding their babies.
Dead. All of them. Why?
Because its would be too hard to cancel the trip and divert the passengers to another departure date. That would mess everything up and cost money.
God forbid we place the safety of human beings in front of the almighty profit margin.
People versus peso. The peso will always win in the Philippines.
As far as I'm concerned , this was murder in the first degree.
WHY else would the USA have launched their own investigation?
They know the Philippines can't be trusted to do it properly.
Thats why.

The Ocampo Family is also going to appear on this blog very soon.
I am completing my research now.
I have a connection at ABS CBN and he's helping me compile my evidence.
This family has been abusing the Philippines for dozens of years.
The chemicals they have been transporting on the water for years is so criminal, that people should HANG for it.
The Ocampo family are murderers too!
Just a different sort of murder.
Slow deliberate murder, over time.
Toxic murder.

Is this an urban legend too?
Well is it?
Not at all.
Swept away like all the other deaths and details though.
Business as usual I'm afraid.

Nope. Its all true.

GREEDY Filipinos KILLING other innocent Filipinos for money and greed and more greed.
FUCK YOU with this urban legend crap.
An easy way out of the VERY ugly reality that is the Philippines.
Oh that's just an urban legend too.

The ferry masters and controllers should be in jail for the rest of their lives for sending that ferry out into the typhoon. But they blame this person, and so on and so on.
The families of the murdered Filipinos will get no truth or compensation for the greediness that killed their relatives.
FUCKING jail is TOO good for them.
Every single person who had ANYTHING at all to do with that ferry leaving port should be jailed for life.
But not one single person will do time.
Its the Filipino way.
Grease some palms and the truth vanishes like eight hundred innocent souls.
Vanish to the bottom of the sea.
I LOVE how everyone is passing the buck and the blame on others with regards to this horrendous nightmare.
Taking the blame. Accepting responsibility.
This is going to become so convoluted, that no one will be to blame at the end of the day. Just dazzle the public with bullshit and spin and they will eventually tire and go away.
Its just how it is in the Philippines.
Erap is sentenced and the next day Gloria throws him a party!
Another WHORE who is simply using the country for her families own benefit!
Just like the rest of them have.

I want to take their families away from them forever so they will know what it feel like to lose a precious loved one. I want one of Gloria children to die in a ferry sinking.
Then we would see some action.
But her family is ensconced in the first class section of the best planes in the world.
Globe trotting from one fabulous dinner to the next.
Shopping and gambling and basically, having a huge fucking constant party of Juans de la Cruz's peso. Over one BILLION pesos last year alone.
But as long as it happens to the poor people, who fucking cares.
There are so many millions of poor people in the Philippines.
We wont miss eight hundred.

Is passing the buck, an urban legend as well?
Nope. It how things are done. Pass it fast. Faster.
This happens EVERY single day in the Philippines.
Muddy up the waters so much that people lose interest because the information is NOT true or accurate at all anymore. It all becomes very gray indeed.
Filipinos let go of these stories so very quickly.
Because they have to work eighty hours a week to pay their bills and buy food for their children.
Who has time to follow the spin and bullshit around the proverbial block.
The government has it down to a fine art.
For goodness sakes, even the Americans know they have to do their own investigation, because the Philippines can't be trusted to do their own.
CORRUPTION all the way in Philly.
It makes me so irate, I want to scream.
Respect for human life in the Philippines is almost non existent.
Catholic my fucking ass.
God should be and probably is going ballistic up there watching so many people use and abuse him for their own purposes. But he will have the last laugh.
I would love to know exactly how many Filipinos ACTUALLY get into heaven.
I really wonder.
Their isn't anything religious or Catholic about the Philippines government.
The ten commandments might as well be used to prop open the door leading to the Great Halls of Corruption.
Because its not used for anything else that's for sure.
Pray all you want.
He ain't listening to probably half of you.
In fact, the majority of Filipino government reps will be going straight to hell when they kick the bucket.
And Gloria will be there to welcome them to the fiery pit.
And Ferdinand. Well, he is a top dog down there. He's waiting patiently for Imelda to croak. Because next to him, there is a seat waiting for his monster wife. The hottest seat in the place. Oh poor Imelda.
She is NOT poor.
The bitch is FILTHY rich.
All stolen from her people.
Why she has not been murdered, I will never know.
If anyone should have been killed for her crimes against the Filipino people, its her. FOR SURE. But every week you will find her at the Peninsula having high tea with friends. Sure, she doesn't wear her diamonds anymore. They're in a vault.
I personally want to strangle that evil bitch for having the bloody nerve to walk amongst the people she stole from for decades.
But the Philippines just bends over and get fucked time and time again by these creatures of the dark side. And Imelda is a creature. And her cock is enormous.
Thieves and murderers.
Imelda is just one of them waiting to die.
I secretly think the entire nation is just waiting for her to die.
Its what she deserves.
A slow agonizing horrible death.
Maybe a vicious cancer of some sort, which takes HER eyes first.
And I for one hope she kicks it soon. Because she does NOT deserve to walk amongst good decent Filipinos. I will party when Imelda dies. And I mean PARTY.

And Erap.
I would shoot him myself if I could for the crimes he committed against his own people. And please don't bother writing to tell me I don't know what I'm talking about. Don't embarrass yourself. You've done it enough already.
Because I know exactly what I'm talking about.
The entire world knows what has been happening in the Philippines.
For goodness sakes,
Benigno Servillano Aquino Aquino, Jr was murdered on the tarmac! In front of his wife.

WHY does Imelda deserve better?

I read for hours every day.You don't have to be a scholar to smell shit. You just need a nose.
You just have to care enough to WANT to find out.
Maybe some of my detractors should do the same.
The evidence is there in front of your eyes.
Just be happy you still have yours.
Unlike the children.
And the fucking worst of the criminal thief's are the current and past Presidents, who at one time or another PLUNDERED the nations coffers to prop up their own family dynasties.
Are these urban legends too?

And now the countries coffers have been bled dry.
And the 'President' has to spend the entire year travelling the world BEGGING and PLEADING and EMBARRASSING the once great nation, for money and aid.
Because its all been stolen by past leaders and their evil cronies.
Totally dry.
The Philippines has been left to beg for money.
Like a starving street walker, desperate for a hot meal.
Gloria on her knees, giving head to George Bush.
Gagging on her shame. Knowing what she truly is.
Genuflecting in front of his nasty Republican cock.
Sucking until she gets whats she wants.
Swallowing .. her pride and the nations while shes at it.

Moaning and complaining about how hard things are back home.
Crying and whinging about the ferry disasters dead.
Pleading for more money, so her husband can go gambling in Las Vegas.
Desperate for her hyman back,

When she should be jailing those responsible for stealing it all in the first place.
But she can't. Because even she is powerless against the corruption. Plus she also wants her share before being booted out.

The country will one day implode under its own criminality and disregard for the sanctity of human life and its total lack of correct methods of governing.
Cover-ups are slowly killing the country.

THAT'S why anyone who can leave is.
Because they know they have no future in a country so corrupt and bereft of decency towards their own Filipinos.

What a fucking hilarious joke.
They're all going to hell, NOT to heaven

Since Cory was around (bless her and her dead husband), there has not been ONE SINGLE day that the Philippines can be truly proud of.

The country just rolls over and takes it up the ass over and over again.
A thousand lubeless fucks.
Elect a 'D' grade actor and watch him STEAL everything he can get his grubby fucking hands on in the shortest period of time.
Is this an urban legend too?
FUCK the poor who elected him under the umbrella of hype and dazzle.
Just fuck em all!
Lets be honest. You can have someone killed for nothing in the Philippines if you are connected. If you want the title deed of a property in dispute, well just kill the real owner.
Kill other members of his family first so he is left with no option but to surrender his property.
This happens everyday in the Philippines.
Don't make me spray about this again.

Speaking of spray.
Lets talk more about the pesticides that have been banned from the international cargo list around the world for many years, but are STILL being transported with HUMAN cargo across vast areas of sea in the Philippines.
WHY if urban legends are the scapegoat, do these incidents continue to occur.
Filipinos putting other Filipinos as high risk everyday.
Carcinogenic chemicals in tanks under the chair where you sit.
Such little regard for the poor.
They are cargo like the chemicals.
One in the same to the people who control the system.

Cowboy country.
Bang Bang!
The country is completely at the mercy of extortion and bribes.
Nothing gets done in the Philippines unless you grease some monkey's hand.
And when I say monkey... I MEAN monkey!

Did these children lose their organs and eye's. YES, they did.
Oh my, never in the Philippines.
This e mail being circulated is being read and supported by many people who think this is more then possible, to the point of being under estimated and ignored for the most part. When the nation sees a picture of an eyeless child, only then will they believe.

And I don't blame them, because they have been lied to since birth in most cases.
Filipinos do NOT trust their government one single bit.
Its all a giant scam.

Of course this has happened.
Just because the police said they have no record of these monstrous crimes against Filipino children, does not mean it has not occurred.
THIS is a fucking joke.

I don't give two shits if some people refuse to believe that this can happen in the Philippines.
It happens in MANY and MOST other third world countries.
It has even happened in first world countries.
Why do you think for one second that the Philippines is any different.
I know for a fact that there are people in the Philippines who live to kill others for money.
So please spare me with this urban legend bullshit.
The institution of police in the Philippine is one of the worst in the world.
No question. Just a bunch of dodgy mother fuckers willing to take money to either make things go away for some people, and bring down the world of others every single day.
I know this to be true.
I've experienced it first hand.
Plus I CAN read.
I mean, for goodness sakes, just Google Philippines Police Corruption and see what you find.
Its fucking mind boggling.
The PNP is absolutely shocking.
Completely corrupt.
Evilness personified.
I know of someone who was shot many times but survived the assassination attempt.
When he woke up, the man who was guarding him in the hospital was the man who SHOT him. Yes, a POLICE officer was hired to kill him.
The man was owed much money, and the people who owed him money got together and figured out that it was much cheaper to form a collective and have him killed rather then pay him back.
I mean, come on you guys, this happens EVERYDAY in the Philippines.

So if you are prepared to believe ANYTHING the police in the Philippines has to say with regards to the children who have been fleeced of their organs, well I feel sorry for you. I really do. Just a bunch of lemmings unwilling to acknowledge and admit that anything is possible in the Philippines.

It truly is a disaster.

I believe this story 100%.

Because you only have to do a bit of research to discover that MUCH WORSE things have occurred in the Philippines over the years.
I have no problem whatsoever believing that eyes and organs have been snatched away from innocent children.

No problem at all.

And neither should you.
So take this urban legend crap and stick it where the sun don't shine.


As far back as 1995 Father Shay Cullen SSC Preda came out with a Document Titled: Killing Children For Their Organs that was published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer on the incidence of these new crimes happening in third world countries, to quote.

Yes this is the horrific trade that is taking the lives of thousands of children around the world. Not much has been heard about it but the evidence is mounting. There is a huge demand and a monied market in both developing and Northern countries for body parts especially eyes, hearts and kidneys of children.

A kidney or eyes can fetch $10,000, a heart $50,000 or more.

As a result the black market in children's organs for transplants is growing. With prices like that criminals will commit any crime. Impoverished parents are sometimes persuaded to sell their children's eyes or a kidney for as little as $500.

Trafficking in children's organs is the new crime against humanity together with selling children for sex.

A report based on the same study indicates an alarming crime, to quote:

In Pangasinan a 12 year old boy who was picked up by a brown van and brought to Manila where with several other children they were drugged and brought to a building that smelled like a clinic where they kept under guard. This boy recovered from the drugged sleep and escaped.

In recounting his story it became clear that the children were to undergo some operation although none were sick. Relatives of a youth who died from a fall from a Manila overpass claimed that in the hospital he was allowed to die - for his organs. Although this was never proven.

Lately, there has been a resurgence of the incidence according to Jean Stuart of Ground Report but PNP denies it is happening, to quote:

In Ibaan, Batangas four children were abducted. One of them were found with the pair of eyes missing and with Php 30,000 pesos on his/her mouth. Three were found with missing internal organs. There was also report in Tanauan, Batangas with a missing heart and Php 8,000 pesos on the hole of the victim’s chest.
Lately, there have been reports that the kidnappings is not only happening in Batangas. There were also similar incidents in Cavite and Laguna. Last Wednesday, March 5, my friend told me that there was a third year high school student (from a school in San Pedro, Laguna) was abducted on her way home. I still haven’t heard about what happened to the victim.

I heard that a syndicate is behind this kidnapping and they are selling the organs to the black market. Text messages and email messages has been circulating saying that a white van with plate no. VMM 507 is said to be the kidnappers van. In our place the cartographic sketch of the kidnapper and the plate no. of the vehicle used by the kidnapper were posted everywhere.

Yaneehpooh on her multiply page posted the sketch of the suspect saying she saw a news clip on TVPatrol last march 7 regarding a botched kidnapping attempt where the would be victim luckily escape. The incident happened in Cavite where the young woman who was able to resist and escape saw a number of kidnapped children in the van.

In Baguio City a mountain resort in Northern Luzon another Ground Report by NomadicAsian on the subject where news of a failed abduction in one of the schools prompted school officials to suspend classes and sent all their students home.

Said incident occurred in broad daylight last March 6, 2008 (Thursday), though they failed the first time the kidnappers struck again the following day in another school just near the city proper. In said incident one of the kidnap syndicate member was collared by the responding policemen who is now under intense questioning.

Jhoy Imperial in her blog posted what she gathered at the friendster bulletin of her friend regarding 3 cases of kidnappings in San Pedro, Laguna.

In San Pedro a girl student 5th grader was found dead missing a kidney.

Another 3rd grade student also a girl is now in her funeral wake found lifeless, her eyes and heart harvested and P50K found inside her body.

Another case was at the Chrusantemum village where 2 girls were kidnapped; luckily a tricycle driver saw the incident and gave chase, the kidnappers threw the girls out the window and escaped.

At the Reysal supermarket 2 women was almost abducted but because of a group of istambay eyewitnesses rescued them from their abductors.

This is almost surreal and unbelievable and it is easy to dismiss these incidents as mere urban legend but as they say better safe than sorry and if you see the following vans with plate number VXE 351 - Green Van and VMM 507 - White Van, report them immediately to the authorities. Just the same children of poverty are the most vulnerable in this heinous crimes if ever this is real and with abuse that our children are subjected to like throwing them in an adult jail I believe that this might just be for real.

Are these all urban Legend?
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