22 August 2008

Just a White Filipino

humbled and grateful


Your blog is an icon in our modern world...I mean, so much has been said and done with your blog that changed the political, social and economic landscape of the Philippines.
Your guts and goal to create change is noble, heart-moving and straightforward in our country. Thank you for sharing a piece of spotlight for us with your well-read blog. I am grateful that you are indeed filled with good intentions not only for yourself but for everyone. It's no wonder your blog is a phenomenon, you're a phenomenon since the Spice Girls in the 90s, hehe. But I wish you well. And I promise to write a very good article for you and your flight to create change. This country is going down to the dogs without great people like you. We all have our place under the sun---yours was unexpected but worth it. In your noble contribution to uplift us...i would like to write a special feature about you in our blog as our 100th post later this week. a good-hearted icon deserves a limelight, a recognition for his effort not only to spill the ugly face of this country but to bring out the best...I mean, telling the whole world of the positive, beautiful side of the Philippines and its people--we are one of them. I still got teary-eyed every time I see Charice Pempengco and Arnel Pineda gets hailed by people around the world. Filipinos are gems soaked in the mud of poverty and corrupt system. I wish you were Rizal resurrected in a stranger's body and fighting the cause for truth---and truth alone.

God is good for you and everyone. Don't lose hope, regrets are for fools and what you are doing is about redefining life itself... telling the Filipinos that it's not too late for everything.

Your smile and laughter amid the pain you have gone through reflects how beautiful your heart really is inside.

Never give up on the good times...as the Spice Girls used to sing!
Dear Readers,

I never give up on the good times readers. Everyday poses a challenge of one sort or another.
Life is grand and we must live it to the fullest. I'm excited to say I have so many wonderful things happening at the moment.

Being a volunteer is GREAT. Helping others is all I really want to do now. My boyfriend inspires me everyday to be better and to do better.
Being with someone who supports you 100% is both incredibly uplifting but also re affirming. Love is a tender precious thing.
And I am truly blessed to be loved so much.
At times it's a bit overwhelming.
My guy is tops.
And I never take him or my relationship for granted.
It's treasured and adored.
I hope everyone of my readers is happy today.
I pray that we all experience some balance in our lives.
You have to fight for your place in the world.
And never look back.

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