23 August 2008

Ridge Bradley...Oh No He Didn't

hello.......photo shopped much fugly?

Oh YES he did!
Ridge did it again and again and again.

OMG, his bullshit just keeps rolling in.
This guy needs to be committed to an institution, and very soon.
Thanks TEAM BRIAN for these fantastic links!
Now we all know hes a crazy cheat!
And Ridges Ate Jenni will know (not that she'd care) that she's dealing with another Montano! Birds of a feather?

The huge fraudster Ridge is at it again.
Working hard and faking even more shit so people will think he's smart.
Dumb ass, you're nothing but a fraud. You would be kicked out of any school for what you've done. You would be fired from any REAL writing job for being a chronic plagiarist! You are a liar and a cheater and a thief too.
STEALING other peoples work as your own.

actual paper-
How to Destroy an Evil Plant Monster

Ridges Plagiarized copy

I mean Mate, you are such a blatant fraud. How could anyone believe a word you say when you do not nothing but cheat, lie and steal the trust away from your small readership.
Ridge mate, you should hang your ugly little head in shame mate.
You are a disgrace to blog world and to the Philippines. You deserve nothing but our mocking and laughs for this farce that you've created.
I hope all of your friendster and Multiply 'friends' know now what they're dealing with.
A very unstable liar who claims others peoples work as his own.
Just a dumb little fraud.

CAUGHT time and gain and again and again.


That's you Ridgy Didgy.

original paper-

Still More Plagiarism from Ridge

Ridge is everything that's wrong with the Philippines
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