29 August 2008

Queen Sized

my brand new bed

Dear Readers,

First if all, I'm very happy that you've written about my Multiply site being easier to read. I was concerned before but this solution has worked so I feel much better. Some are still writing to ask how to find me on Multiply. The Multiply link is on the blog along with my facebook.

I've added some more media links to the blog as well.
Thanks for your comments regarding them.
The information and charity links will be up later today.
I'm so excited about that.
I hope the links I've chosen will make it easier for people to access the information they need. I love that so many people write me but it gets overwhelming at times and I'm hoping these links will take some pressure off.

Whenever I discuss HIV with readers (privately), I obviously have to be very careful,
because every person is different and each person requires specific information and I just do not have every answer at my fingertips and researching for each question takes so much time.
And some people are even worried to look up the help sites for fear of being discovered(?).
So my new links should make it easier for many.
I spent a ton of time researching each one with some help of a friend.

You know, the best part about having a blog if it's truly organic like mine, is getting to poke fun a celebrities and various media whores. Poking fun is all it is. These people eat breath and sleep self promotion. They're fair game in the rough and tumble world that is my blog. This is not a generic blog is the slightest.
Things change from day to day and my blog reflects how I feel. If I'm silly or ridiculous at times, well sue me. Some posts are irrelevant at the end of the day... just like the objects of ridicule. And they are meant to be that. A silly snapshot of the ridiculousness of it all. Some people need to lighten up. I mean really.

If you are feeling uber serious, then please read some of my favorite sites. They're all on fire at the moment. Some are very political and others are just plain hilarious. Something for everyone. I'm just one of many blogs. And some will not like or appreciate what I post every time. I have never claimed to be a 'highbrow' blog.
At least I don't think I have.

When ever I mention Boracay in my blog, people send in their own pictures and stories. Boracay means so much to so many people so it's no wonder it's the #1 tourist destination in the Philippines. I really hope everyone gets to experience it at least one time. Go Boracay!

I'm so happy to have a new bed. Until now, I've been on the futon on the floor which I've not minded one bit. But my new bed is great and I'll paint my bedroom soon. Some of our friends are downsizing, so I scored this 'almost brand new' bed for free.
It's a queen size although the picture makes it look smaller. It's a wonderful bed and I look forward to spending hundreds of hours in it. Sleeping.

More later......

my small yet effective wardrobe
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