26 September 2008

Att Dexter Calizar

Your Name: ****
Your Email Address: ***********
Subject: Hi
Message: Hi Brian,

I always read your blog, I'm so inspired with you for having a courage and determination to fight for your rights, Honestly I emailed you because I would like to report or share a story of my special friend with her ordeal right now. She was been raped by a guy many years back and kept on silent for how many years and now she was a victim of a sexual harrassment by her teacher in UP. He is a lawyer who victimized weak female students in the campus, I cannot do anything to protect her.
And the name of the prof or teacher by the way is ATT Dexter Calizar who I met when he used to harass my girlfriend. I want justice for she was a victim of this men who abuse their power in the wrong way considering he is a human rights lawyer, My girlfriend filed a case but I know its really hard for her to deal with this. You are the person I know I can trust with this, thank you Brian I want his fucking face and name to be in the Internet for he has many victims especially students, my gf almost got rape by him, I hope you ll help me, He is going to be kick-out of the University of the Philippines, HE is always absent in class and abusive as a teacher. He even brags at school that he is a lawyer.
I pity Him

there is an investigation in Univ. in the Philippines, She is waiting for her lawyer to notarized her statement. We went to an organization in Up Anti sexual Harrassment Group. They know all about it. We undergo counselling together. Im always beside her because shes afraid and lonely, We are always together ive talked to her always. IL send you his picture his name is DEXTER B. Calizar. According to some of her previous student he always do the same thing in harrassing and calling her students, but they are afraid to tell it, because they dont care at all, I am afraid that there are a lot more victims he can victimized, You can google his name andhttp://images.google.com/images?um=1&hl=en&client=firefox-a&channel=s&rls=org.mozilla%3Aen-US%3Aofficial&q=dexter+calizar&btnG=Search+Images
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