27 September 2008

Another Australian Murdered

ANGELES CITY - A 55-year-old Australian investor at the Clark Freeport was shot dead by two motorcycle-riding men along the Friendship Highway here last Wednesday afternoon.

Senior Superintendent Pierre Bucsit, city police chief, said the victim, Ivan Brown, president of the Outback Five Star firm which manufactures ice boxes and coolers at Clark, was apparently driving home to Timog Park Subdivision when he was attacked.

Brown, who was married to a Filipina, sustained six bullet wounds from a caliber .45 pistol.

Bucsit said the assassins were wearing short pants and riding in tandem on a red Honda Wave motorcycle.

Brown was driving his car a few kilometers away from Clark's perimeter gate in Barangay Anonas when his attackers overtook him and fired. - Ding Cervantes, Ric Sapnu (Philstar News Service, www.philstar.com)


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Subject: Australian killed... again
Message: Hi filobloke here... Hows life treating you Brian?. I'm a big fan here.
Just to share some gruesome news about a good Australian who was gunned down here in our city.

I feel so ashamed...

Australian trader shot dead in Angeles City

ANGELES CITY – An Australian businessman was shot dead last Wednesday evening by two unidentified men on Friendship Highway, Barangay Anonas, this city.

Police said that Ivan Brown, 65, president of the Outback Five Star Clark Philippines, was driving his Toyota Prado van with plate number RCW 885 on his way home when two men riding a motorcycle drove alongside and shot him at close range.

The victim’s address was Rosas St., Timog Park subdivision, Barangay Pampanga, Angeles City. It was not immediately known if he had a Filipina partner.

A sketchy police report stated that as soon as the victim was shot, his vehicle slammed on the fence of the Sierra Monte Hotel, but the killers continued to fire at him.

Police said the victim suffered bullet wounds in the body.

This was the second time that an Australian national was shot dead in this city, dubbed as \\\"Sin City\\\" due to the presence of many sleazy beer houses and sex workers.

Policemen who rushed to the crime scene found four shells of caliber .45 bullets. Police probers immediately theorized that the gunmen were hired killers.

The investigators were looking into the personal background of the Australian.

The victim’s body was brought to Funeraria Pangilinan here for autopsy.

It's all very sad indeed.
Guns are just the worst.
This is front page news everywhere in Australia.
This is not good for the country.
Australians are already terrified of the Philippines for the most part.
And not because of this blog.

I suggest that Australians and every other tourist think twice before heading off into dodgy areas like Angeles City.
They keep killing Australians there.
It's just not safe there with all these monkeys with guns everywhere.
So please stay safe and do not take any risks.
The Philippines is NOT Australia.

Dear Readers,

Now I know people will blame the murder on the man himself.
This has happened many times before.
It's typical.
I'm sure people will accuse him of beating his wife or some other terrible accusation.
But who arranged this murder?
It was not random.
It was planned I'm sure.
They didn't rob him.
They just wanted him dead.
But for what?

And for who?
Random murder.
No way.
This was a planned hit.

We'll find out.
Yeah Right!
Philstar news:

Slain Australian had pending attempted homicide case

Sunday, September 28, 2008

CAMP OLIVAS, Pampanga – An Australian national who was shot dead by two motorcycle-riding armed men along the Friendship Highway in Barangay Anonas, Angeles City was a respondent in a case for attempted homicide.

This was the initial findings of Angeles City police director Senior Superintendent Pierre Bucsit during a case conference Thursday on the killing of Ivan Brown, 65, of Timog Park Subdivision, Barangay Pampang, Angeles City.

In his report here, Bucsit said the victim was a respondent of a case for attempted homicide at the Municipal Trial Court Branch 111, Angeles City docketed cc no. 08-3657.

The victim has posted bail on the said case on Aug. 20.

Bucsit said the complainant identified as Gerald Wayned Hiller, also an Australian national of Hensonville Plaza, Barangay Malabanias, Angeles City.

The said case transpired on Jan. 17 at Cold Drop Bar along Friendship Highway in Barangay Anunas.

The killing of Brown was the handiwork of gun-for-hire, said Bucsit.

Brown on Wednesday was on his way home on board his Toyota Prado (RCW-885) when gunned down by two men riding in tandem along the Friendship Highway in Barangay Anonas.

The vehicle of the victim slammed at the cemented fence of Sierra Monte Hotel along the Friendship Highway.

After killing the foreigner, the suspects immediately fled toward the north and now the subject of manhunt operations.

Police recovered four spent shells for a .45 caliber pistol at the scene of the ambush.

Brown was the president of Outback Five Star Clark, Philippines, a firm manufacturing ice boxes and coolers at Clark. – Ric Sapnu
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