24 September 2008

McCoward Suspends Campaign

Dear Readers,

The Republican Party is falling apart more and more every day.
John McCain has SUSPENDED his campaign for presidency of the USA.

Thank God.
The Republican party is just crumbling to bits.
I love it.
And this video is proof that the democrats will win in November.
And Gay Marriage will pass in California.

What a coward he's become, John McCain.
He's a fraud.
A complete smoke and mirrors fraud.
Insane geriatric is more like it.
Lead the free world?
What he needs is a lead for his hateful bitter wife.
A lead AND a collar.
That old bastard and his rich 'out of touch' bitch wife Cindy?
No way!
John McCain tries to look presidential whenever he can, but he comes off as a wax works with a butt plug rammed up his ass.
He's so behind in the polls now, he'll try anything to divert attention away from the truth and reality. And his cancer scabs all over his head.
He's so desperate and it shows.
He shakes and looks pale and unwell.
Almost embalmed.
He'll never beat Barack Obama.

He's so out of touch and he quite frankly looks like a dirty old man when he tries to be mean. But he is vicious and he does what his handlers tell him, because he has no idea how to become president of anything. He's never used e mail!

The wife beating rumor is everywhere.
He's well known for is uncontrollable rage.
But of course no one will write about it.
There's hope for America yet it seems.
If Obama wins the election that is.
And McCain can go off and sleep.
And be crazy without the power.
And leave Barack Obama and the Democrats to clean up the huge mess like they always do.
The mess the Republicans create.

The Bush Administration has destroyed everything in such a short period of time.
Already gabillions in debt, but wanting 700 billion more to help Wall Street.
What a joke.
Tax payer funded.
Where was all this money during hurricane Katrina?
Where is it now?
There are still people living in rotting trailers on the sides of roadways.
It makes me sick how America has trillions for their "wars" and Wall Street, but none for the blacks from the South destroyed by Katrina. America gets the karma it deserves. And now, it's getting bucket loads of crap karma.

In New Orleans after the flooding, dead black people were tied up to tires and to stop signs and left there for two weeks and more. Some had swelled and bloated to three times their normal size.
And Bush has the bloody nerve to tell other countries how to act?
Where were these hundreds of billions to help those people in Louisiana?
Bush and McCain didn't seem to care about those people.
Some people were being eaten by dogs.
I mean..... America!

BUSH and the REPUBLICANS hate blacks!

John McCain hates blacks.
Bush hates blacks.
Republicans just hate blacks.

They just do, but you can't talk about it.
That's why there's no universal health care in the States.
The Republicans don't want to pay for all the colored people to be healthy.
it's cost too much to keep people on welfare happy.
That's how the Republicans see the blacks and well every other race apart from whitey white white white!
Republicans love white people.
But they hate the blacks.
That's why when I see a black Republican(???????), (not Colin Powell, because he is actually an Uncle Tom and Condi Rice is Americas Aunty Tom), I want to scream in their faces for being part of a party which has quite frankly, sold the blacks down the river without a paddle, as soon as they finished digging it out for their masters.

Blacks and Latinos are considered a massive overhead in America.
Very expensive and the Elephants hate that.
Just when it looks promising with better health care, the Republicans get elected and it's put on the back burner for another ten years because their wars costs hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars.

American could be fully insured if Iraq had not been invaded.
Millions of American lives could be saved with health care.
But killing hundreds of thousands of innocent foreigners is more important.
And Osama is still free.
Americans don't seem to care about Americans.
So strange.
Like cannibalism.
Eating their own.

Bush loves the Mexicans though.
Because they'll still work for pennies.
Because he has so many Mexican friends and doesn't want to hurt their feelings.
Plus he needs them to show up and do the work on his ranch in Texas.
Simple enough right?
Cheap labor.
That's why they love Filipinos.
But don't truly respect them.
Just necessary labor.

But Bush really has no black friends. No REAL black friends.
Just political ones.
Camera friends.
The Bush family don't do black.
They think black is whack.

The US tax payer always gets screwed up the ass by Bush and Corporate America.
But the blacks get screwed the most. Over and over again.
Bush is the condom (because he wants less black babies which is what most Republicans dream about).
Cheney's the tube o lube (but he won't use it, only taunt you with it!).
Now bend over Yankees!
It's time for another lubeless fuck.
700 billion dollars for Wall Street.

The USA is nothing but a big fat world joke now, in the papers and on line since McCain chose a gun toting whack job for his VP. He's senile and he's making the country look crazy and unstable. Which lets face it, it is at the moment.
They'll be borrowing money from Canada soon.

PLEASE bring back the Clintons!!!!!

And can someone please shut that crazy bitch Sarah Palin up!
I mean, she's a true blue whack job. That bitch loves her guns.
Trailer Park trash.
She charged Alaskin rape victims for their actual rape kits.
She sends the invoice in the mail.
Nice woman right?
She is also a fraud.
She has used and uses her sexuality to get what she wants, then cried sexism when she is treated fairly by mainstream press.
She's a religious fundamentalist without a single shred of concern for her fellow women.
Sarah Palin is the devil in high heels and cheap glasses.
You know she don't wear panties.

American Vice Presidential Nominee, Sarah Palin

the RNC, known for their bigotry

My America friends have been banging their heads against the wall for so long.
This old man McCain has got to go back to the jungle where he belongs with his hideous wife Cindy.

Obama will show up for the debate on Friday.
Like a man. A young man. A brilliant man.
And McCain will look a fool.... again.
He's a bumbling old fool.



Cindy McCain, ex pill popping junkie and charity scammer

My response to a reader who has accused me of sullying American Troops

Hey! I would never trash the men and women of any military. But I do trash fake wars and fake leaders who bring the WORLD into war!
EVERY person on the planet should have an opinion about this election. I mean it lasts for two fucking years. A
BILLION dollars is spent 'educating' people on their choices.
I'm all for a strong military.

the men and women who fight are hero's.
But It's so sad when they are sent to fight a full of shit war where hundreds of thousands of people have lost their lives.
If you care so much about your troops, then go protest at the underfunded medical facilities for ex servers.
It's a sham and a shame. TWO years for a new leg?
Discounted skin for grafts?
But Wall Street wants 700 billion???
What about YOUR troops mate?
Are you fighting for them at home?

Yeah, don't worry about me mate and my little comments on my little blog.
You have MUCH bigger fish to fry.
Starting with your President.
And work your way down.
I fully respect the men and women who fight in any army for any country, but NOT the massive American war machine!

I've had many proud serving relatives on my family from WW1 and WW2, so please spare me this American only rubbish.
My grandfather was a fighter pilot.
All of my uncles served in Vietnam, heroically!
My Grandmother was born in America.
But I would NEVER give up my EEC passport for an American one.
Or my Australian.
OR my Canadian passport.
I have enough passports now.
I'm very happy.
I lived in Chicago for over a year in 1996.
I know America well enough thank you very much.

I CAN get American citizenship if I wanted to, because my father has an American passport. So there!
So for the people who think only Americans can care or comment about the elections,
grow up and join the real world. Your American fantasy world is what got you into this huge mess in the first place. I feel so sorry for American troops.
America was great once. But now it's the exact opposite.
America is the one using and abusing it's own military.
I mean, do you read?
Not the world, who stands by and watches the awful blood curdling tragedy unfold.
Helpless against the huge killing machine that is the American military.
China will own America in ten years.
And then we're truly fucked.
But Bush will be getting drunk in Texas at his 'fake' ranch.
Because you know that fucking whack job will fall off the wagon as soon as he's able to! I reckon he's already started to drink.
Poor Laura the Librarian in her Oscar De La Renta.
The long suffering wife.

God Bless the Troops!
And God Dam George Walker Bush!
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