04 September 2008

Millets Baby Drama?

It's time for MMM to address the many rumors

Brian, I have info on Millet but this is a real life ender.
She will be ruined if you publish this.
Please let me know if you want to go that far.
Some innocent people will go down with her, but with what I
have you'll surely be delivering the final blow;
she cannot recover from this.
The decision is yours whether or not you want the
information and whether or not to put it out there.
Thanks and good luck.

Brian, she is hiding an eldest child,
from an old boyfriend that nobody knows about.
Not even her family.
Her personal life will be ruined should you publish this.

First of all, I doubt
MMM's personal life will be destroyed.
Her network is firmly in place and her crap paper will always stand by her as she knows far to much about far too many people.

She really does know FAR too much about FAR too many people.
But nobody really knows her.
She is everything that is wrong and indecent about Manila and the Star newspaper.

The fact that Millet Martinez
Mananquil may have a secret child (?) in America is none of my business.
But it's a mind blower if you ask me. Secret children, secret deals, secret payments, secret sins? This could get messy.
What I want to know is why Millet would refuse to acknowledge this fact in any on her press releases?
How can a child just 'disappear'?

I'm really trying to figure this one out readers.
When she is asked how many children she has, what does she say?
Three? Four? Five?
How can this other child just vanish?
I think it speaks volumes about the woman herself.
Do her acknowledged children know she has another child?
Their brother maybe?
Their sister maybe?
I am also told by another impeccable source that she has no contact, and refuses STILL to admit it.
And the father?
Many senior Philippines media people know already. Or at least they are aware of the rumor.

So what's up Millet? Are you a baby momma or what?

how many children...really?

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