13 September 2008

Power And It's Misuse

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Brian, I always read your blog, I'm so inspired with you for having a courage and determination to fight for your rights, Honestly i email you because i would like to report or share a story of my special friend with her ordeal right now, She was been raped by a guy many years back and kept on silent for how many years and now she was a victim of a sexual harassment by her teacher in UP that is a lawyer who victimized weak and girl students in the campus, I cannot do anything to protect her, and the name of the prof or teacher by the way is ATT ****** ******* which i met when he used to harass my gf, I want justice for she was a victim of this men who abuse their power in the wrong way considering he is a human rights lawyer, My gf filed a case but i know its really hard for her to deal with this, you are the person i know i can trust with this, thank you Brian i want his fucking face and name to be in the Internet for he has many victims especially students, my gf almost got rape by him, i hope you ll help me, He is going to be kick-out of the University of the Philippines, HE is always absent in class and abusive as a teacher he even brag at school that he is a lawyer.
I pity Him
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