24 September 2008

Saying Sorry Works

Be nice.
And always suck it up and say sorry.
Be understanding, considerate and tolerant of others.
Always respect the person standing next to you.
So you'll never have to say sorry.
And you'll not end up on the blog.
Or any other blog for that matter.
When you act irrationally and lash out without thinking first, people are bound to be hurt, and they'll find a way to let others know. This ain't the eighties. The internet has changed everything and people need to be aware of that.
You can still find the post on other blogs (I have no control over that), but I've chosen to remove it because the situation is being mended now I'm told.
I know that from personnel experience, it's never to late to make things right.
You win some, you lose some.
Just saying sorry is a bridge mender.
Even though it may not be your initial intention, the damage is done, when you lose your head, so......
Children are precious (even the naughty ones) and should be treated as a resource, not an expendable nuisance.
And if you have a child of your own, that should be second nature.
And if it's not, you need to take a good long look at yourself.
Your child is no better than any other child on the planet.
Please don't become Manilaized.
I hope my last post made my point of view perfectly clear.
I removed it at the request of the man involved.
He assured me that he's mending the situation.
As he should.
Everyone should walk away from this feeling as though their feelings have been respected.
And everyone can be happy again.
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