15 September 2008

Stop This Obscene Senate Bill

Lucian Freud, "Naked man on a bed", 1987 would be considered pornography

Art VS. Catholicism/Religion

The Anti-obscenity and Pornography Senate Bill No.2464

Dear Brian,

I've been a fan of your blog since you exploded your troubled woes with that DJ in March. I am still in awe on how one blog, one person, one voice was able to affect an entire nation. This is why I am bringing to your attention the fact that censorship is now being made into a law by the Philippine government.

In the Senate right now is the Anti-Obscenity and Pornography Bill. Soon enough, it will become a law. The bill may sound great but basically it says that as long as anything (photo, song, movie, book, etc) causes arousal in a man, it is considered porn.

According to this bill, as long as the naked body or the sexual act is described, it is porn. Great works of literature--Shakespeare, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, even the Bible!--have sexual acts in it. Can you imagine Filipinos deprived of these books? Great works of art show the naked human body. Shall we now strip our museums of these paintings and sculptures? I can go on and on!

a very special piece from an artist friend of mine

John Silva, the senior consultant for the National Museum talks about the bill in detail in his blog(click). Here is my(click) blog post about it. I know you're very busy still fighting for justice but I really do hope you can talk about it in your blog. You are very influential. I just really think you can spread the word in a BIG WAY.

Thanks, Brian!

Frances Amper Sales

I'll do my best Frances!


Dear Readers,

Please look at these two brilliant sites full of information, that we should all be aware of.
This hideous senate bill No. 2464.
It's designed to force more 'dictatorship' like controls over the masses. It's like groundhog day.
I'm feeling like Bill Murray.
The noose around the Philippines 'freedom of information' neck is tightening again.
This bill should not pass the Senate.
It's full of so many massive holes and it's just not sound or in the best interests of the Philippines.
Only for a few.
It's like a bunch of priests sat around and wrote it.
They should clean their own doorsteps before sweeping those of others.
Religion has no place in the debate.
Too many people are grumbling.
I see the signs.
Censorship is #1 on the list.
Freedom of information is #2.
Closely followed by Martial law.
This entire senate bill stinks like five day old fish left out in the sun.

So many people really care about freedom and liberty in the Philippines.
I salute them all.
Batshit crazy?
I don't think so.
Brilliant is more like it!

Some people truly care for the Philippines.

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